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Todd Pudvar and Scott Burt spearhead all testing at TCR.

Topcoat begins testing new product technologies, in many cases, months in advance of their release to the public. A quick visit to our paint contracting website, shows the quality standards of our projects, which, along with our state of the art shop facilities (shown frequently in test footage), are the testing grounds for our paint tool reviews.

With a full crew of painters on staff, we gather multiple perspectives on how tools and products are performing. Product Reviews are often complete and in publication at the time of a new product launch. We have products in the testing phase for future print publication right now, and we always share as much of the real world test footage as we possibly can in order to substantiate the findings in our paint tool reviews.


Whoever said that manufacturers don’t listen to painters was wrong.

Thanks to APC and this blog, we can literally show AND tell in great detail all about the tools and products we test and review. These are just a few of the ways we continue to earn the trust of readers, as the most relevant, reliable and transparent paint product review site on the internet. Our hope is that this helps paint contractors to make better informed purchase decisions on products that will enhance efficiency and profitability.

Here are some examples of new product technologies that we have reviewed for print publication:

May 2011
First published review of FCI Trigon 180 sander.

March 2011
First published review of the Graco ProShot Fine Finish sprayer.

January 2011
First published review of the Erecta-Rack modular drying system.

August 2010
First published review of the Graco ProShot sprayer.

July 2010
First published review of Armed Workwear painters pants with built in kneepads.

May 2009
First published review of Benjamin Moore Natura zero voc waterborne paint.

October 2008
Pilot piece for APC “From the Field” column, covering hybrid coatings, or oil modified urethane technologies.

April 2007
First published review of Benjamin Moore’s revolutionary Aura low voc waterborne ultra premium paint.