partnersTopcoat Review tests and reviews products for print and online publication, working in close collaboration with contractors and paint industry manufacturers. It has been said, not entirely in jest, that paint industry executives and engineers have site owner Scott Burt on speed dial, because of his history of networking within the supply chain of the paint industry, and treatment of manufacturers as an essential source.

The primary mission of Topcoat Review is to help bridge the critical communication gap between paint contractors and paint product manufacturers. Not just makers of paint, but also tools that contribute to paint process efficiency. As contractors, we put new products into painters’ hands and to get critical performance feedback to manufacturers. Too often there is a disconnect between the maker and the end user. We make that connection through honest test and review procedures, communication and education.

Topcoat Review does this in such a way as to highlight the strengths of the product, while being brutally honest about limitations. With a particular emphasis on recommended uses, and tips for maximizing task efficiency through products and process. Lets face it, we know marketing and product development executives well enough to know that they do not want contractors to purchase products expecting something the products won’t deliver. At the same time, paint contractors prefer that the marketing of products be straight and true. We help with these important connections that keep the wheels of the paint industry spinning.

Manufacturers who are not currently working with us can contact: to discuss collaborative options. You will wonder why you waited so long.