3-in-One® Garage Door Lubricant: Overhead Door Maintenance Tips

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How to Use 3-in-One® Garage Door Lubricant

If you have a paint shop, it likely has overhead doors on it. As they age, overheads collect dust and debris in the tracks, chain, hinges, springs and other moving parts. Throw in a little corrosion, and doors get loud, squeaky and downright clunky. Personally, I have 5 overheads in my life, which makes for a fair amount of maintenance of moving parts.

One thing that most of us share is a love for “quick-fix” solutions to common problems that we don’t want to dump bunches of time or money into. I commented recently in a review about my fondness for WD-40 and Duck Tape.

Today’s share is compelling because it regards an issue that can help (us) professional painters with our own facilities, while also creating a value added service for our customers.

Wait! 3-in-One® Garage Door Lubricant is of WD-40 pedigree. What could be better than that? Think of a silicone based, quick dry lubricant that isn’t messy and shoots out of an easy action nozzle with permanently attached two position straw – all for about $7. We call this “lightning in a bottle”.

Here are the 3 Simple Steps for Garage Door Maintenance:

  • Vacuum all door parts
  • Wipe down all parts with a rag
  • Apply Lubricant to all parts

Diagram of moving parts to address…

This lubricant came onto our radar through a colleague, the Concord Carpenter – Rob Robillard. I met Rob on a media tour in Germany in 2016 and have enjoyed reading his articles since then. You can also read Rob’s Garage Door Maintenance Tips.

I recommend that you check out 3-in-One® Garage Door Lubricant, because I am impressed with what I did for my overheads (see video above). That is the kind of bang for the buck that I like, and it only took about 20 minutes to thoroughly maintain each door.

Most of us paint and maintain garage door exteriors, so why not offer our customers the added value of mechanical maintenance of overheads as well?








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