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Miracle Wipes: Go Home Clean

I re-encountered one of my least favorite pet peeves this year on an interior painting project – a custom new construction that was very trim heavy. After days of sanding factory primed trim, caulking carpentry that was less than tight, and filling way too many nail holes, I started noticing a nasty white film forming on the steering wheel of my truck.

Usually, when I clean brushes at the end of the day, my hands end up generally clean enough that I’m not contaminating things after work. But that was not the case with this insidious film. There are simply some dusts and residues that cling to our skin and don’t come off with a hardy water scrub.

So after a few days of dealing with this, I asked my Sherwin Williams store if they had any kind of robust handy wipes. I bought Miracle Wipes on the spot…

The first thing I did when I left the store was get in my truck and clean the steering wheel. Then my dashboard, shifter and radio controls. After work that day, I cleaned my hands. Flawlessly.

Then I bought another container, so that I could keep one in the truck and one in the shop. I recommend the large dispenser, which holds 60 tear off sheets that conveniently pull out the top spout of the dispenser from the roll inside. The spout has a lid that closes tight to keep the unused sheets fresh and clean. One container lasts for weeks, and the cost is under $20.

miracle wipes

Got hands like this?

Miracle Wipes work well to quickly remove dried residue from all aspects of prep and painting. Think clingy dust, dried caulking or spackle, primers, paints, urethanes…whatever sticks to your skin will release with a Miracle Wipe scrub.

These are like a sheet version of Goof Off or Krud Kutter. Miracle Wipes are effective for spatter clean up on surfaces and gear. I even found them handy for cleaning my desk top back at the shop.

And, they leave your hands with a pleasing coconut-ish aroma, which is far better than feeling musty and dusty.

If you consider WD40 and Duck Tape to be necessities, you will wonder how you ever lived without Miracle Wipes.

Learn more at the Miracle Brands USA website.

Miracle Wipes are available at Sherwin Williams stores all over the country. Retail is under $14 for the 60 count container.

Give them a try and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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