The Best Clear Finish you may have Never Heard of: Vermont Natural Coatings

Written by on February 5, 2017 in Interior Products with 7 Comments

If you haven’t heard of Vermont Natural Coatings, this will sound kind of crazy. This small company located about 40 minutes from our Topcoat shop makes water based finishes that are fortified with whey – the protein that is a by-product of cheese making.

Replacing Toxic Chems with Cheese? No Way!

Vermont Natural CoatingsWay. PolyWhey™. And its really good. We say this as previous users of oil based clears for decades. You remember, the kind that stunk, turned everything 80’s yellow/gold, and required special brushes and cleaning.

In around ’07, we switched to ZAR Ultramax. And then a couple years later we replaced that with SW Wood Classics. There are surprisingly few options in the category of interior clear wood finishes from the major manufacturers. It is a small market segment, so they don’t invest as much into R&D for it. The category was wide open for the finish equivalent of a smart microbrewery to make something good.

[Read About our Clear Finish Journey]

Vermont Natural Coatings has quietly turned environmentally sound clear finishes into not just a hipster pipe dream, but a desirable product in both user experience and quality of results.

The Vermont Natural Coatings Interior Product Lineup

  • All In One Stain & Finish in 8 Tones
  • PolyWhey™ Floor Finish (matte, satin, semi)
  • Pre-Stain Wood Conditioner
  • PolyWhey™ Furniture Finish (satin, semi, gloss)
  • Heirloom Fine Finish (satin)
  • Non-Toxic Wood Cleaner
Vermont Natural Coatings

Applies great by spray or brush.

We’ve used the whole VNC line in recent years, and have been particularly impressed with the satin and matte. The matte is sold as a floor finish, but is excellent on furniture and cabinetry. Clear matte finishes are hard to find.

Vermont Natural Coatings are fast drying, low odor/VOC, and do not change the natural color of wood much – a rare and often desirable effect.

Learn more about VNC Products.




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7 Reader Comments

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  1. LaRay Thetford says:

    I just had my bathroom & Kitchen cabins done in a oil base white paint. They are now chipping on me after 3 weeks. Is it to late to use vermont Natural coating on them? Will they turn yellow in a few years? I would like your feedback. Thank you

  2. Brian workman says:

    Scott, how would you seal and finish a high grade red mahogany exterior door for Florida weather? we have read much, and all say oil based stain and a good high gloss varnish, 3-4 coats. Curious as I just read some of your posts. Many thanks

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for writing. Generally, I don’t prefer to stain red mahogany because its natural tones are so pretty. It is possible to stain however. Finish-wise probably a 4 coat combo of Captains Gloss for two coats, then Epifanes Matte for two with light sanding between coats. Be sure to inspect annually and maintain as needed.

  3. Larry says:

    Scott, These finishes are excellent on new wood. Has anyone ever used the clear product over an existing lacquer, polyurethane or varnish.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Larry, we have on small scale misc tasks here and there. Proceed as you would with any waterborne product…prep existing surface and test for compatibility in a less visible area. We have also used it with sanding sealer as a bridge coat.

  4. Nice, glad to see a write up on Vermont Natural Coatings! I’ve been using their products for eight years and they’re just getting better and better.

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