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[Publisher Update: Graco Ultra Handheld Full Review now available]

Graco’s 2017 lineup includes a total remodel of the handheld sprayer, now to be referred to as Graco Ultra (or Ultimate) Handheld Sprayers. We all recall the ProShots and TrueCoats from over the years. They’ve had their ups and downs. We’ve been working with handhelds for 7 years now. The biggest complaints about them historically were the inadequate and quirky batteries on the cordless units, and the tips (pricy and incompatible with other sprayers).

At their best, they are the ideal convenience tool. At their worst, you want to smash them into a million pieces.

[Read our Simple History of Graco Handhelds]

What’s New About the Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayers?

Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayers

3 to choose from.

We will be exploring the new lineup in the coming weeks and months. It includes 3 units. One corded and two cordless. Specs on all 3 machines are the same (500-2000 psi).

All three sprayers are designed to work with the new fine finish low pressure tips, the same RAC style tips that you would use on your airless or air assisted sprayer. That will save users from having to invest in a whole bunch of handheld specific tips. It just makes sense that tips should be compatible from gun to gun, regardless of type.

And the battery platform is now Dewalt. This should be a pretty big step up from the previous battery platform on the handhelds.

You will only have to consider two questions to decide which one is right for you:

  • Corded or Cordless?
  • Do you spray ‘hot’ solvent based products?

Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayers

To learn more about this new line, you can check out the Ultra Handheld Sprayers brochure or here on their site.

graco handheld sprayersWe like the intentions of the obvious changes in design – Graco seems to be listening to their users.

We’ll be updating through our social media channels and in our Facebook Spray Group as we discover performance characteristics during testing. We will likely share our end results here on the site.

Meanwhile, if you are using any of the new Graco Ultra Handheld Sprayers, please add your comments below.



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10 Reader Comments

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  1. Scott says:

    I have the ultra cordless and I love it. I do my kitchen cabinets with it and numerous jobs painting old wood stained woodwork white. I get a nice factory like finish and my customers love the results. I’m thinking about getting the Max so I can spray oil.
    I have no complaints and I have been using it on most of my interior woodwork for the past four months.

  2. tommy says:

    Bought the Ultra with cord. Also bought several size FF tips. Tried to spray several cans of interior latex with no luck. It changes paint delivery as you use it. Also if you don’t put a full quart in the cup and remove every bubble of air don’t even try to use it. I have several other sprayers including Graco and this sprayer is junk. Buy the $150 version from homedepo.

  3. Steve says:

    Blue sky. What Titan gun are you using Wanting to paint cabinet doors

  4. Travis Yohn says:

    So I bought the Ultra Cordless & was shocked when using Pro Block as well as shocked again using paint thinner. Beware of that! I was then given the opportunity to try the UltraMax which still has yet to come out in stores. I sprayed an oil based varnish (Wood Classics Fast Dry Varnish) & had no luck with it. From the advice of Graco I bought several different tips but all of them had a very ugly pattern and I worked with Graco to try finding a solution. The new FFLP tips were not what they were supposed to be on the handheld, however worked great in my Titan 840. A rep came out to my job & tried it for himself, also with no luck. Looks like back to the drawing board for now. I am waiting to hear back from them.

  5. Blue Sky says:

    Aloha Scott: Purchased one of the first generation hand held Graco’s in which S.W put their name on it. In less than 2 gallons later, paint was flying all over and leaking everywhere. S.W failed to back up my purchase which had their name on it and forwarded the problem to Graco. They failed to honor the warranty and sent me a new shaft after it was discovered the original one was a defective product from day one. Customer service was a disgrace to the painting industry from Graco and S.W. My professional advise to them is to not put a product on the market until it is tried, tested and proven. I was thinking about throwing my gun off a 40 story building and placing my go-pro on it with 500 dollar bills attached to it to show potential buyers the product was a waste of my hard earned money. Sad but true. If Graco only knew how much money I spent on their products over the years……..
    Their mistake. Check out the Titan gun with a cord. It is bad ass and serves many useful purposes and performs like my truck which has 300,000 miles on it.

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