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Did you know that there is a Festool Finish Line magazine/catalog (or “magalog”) for painters? It is free and you should check it out. This resource has been out for a couple of years now, and is really getting to be a fun one to read.

The current Festool Finish Line is at (click to open it). This magazine is available in both hardcopy and digital formats, and is a quality read – definite eye candy for tools.

Be sure to leave it somewhere that your significant other can see before the holidays.

festool finish line

All the cool painters are doing it.

What’s in Festool Finish Line?

In this issue, you can read articles with interesting ideas from drywall legend Myron Ferguson, industry leaders Nolan Painting as well as our very own Prep to Finish Training Program. There is also lots of Festool inside scoop on the latest tools that are making work easier for painters.

Give Festool Finish Line a read and post up some questions. You can thank us later.



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2 Reader Comments

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  1. Sky says:

    Scott: Do you get paid to promote festool products to painters and are you a working painting contractor who moves not only around a house but up and down it as well. Real painters work outside in the sun. The plastics on the vac’s and boxes 100% suck when exposed to U.V. I have them all. The motor in my new mini which is promoted to painters blew out in 2.5 hours and it took a month to get it fixed. Safe to say service sucks as well. My old mini kicked ass and sucked up dust. Can’t fix because they no longer make the parts they say. The new one say’s Hepa on the side. Perhaps t me look more professional. As to how much dust and lead they claim for their product to extract, 100% false as well. Perhaps I don’t know how to use my tools right and don’t know how to paint and was only lucky to past my EPA tests. Festools claim to faim in the painting industry is not valid. For the guys who sand a door on saw hourses and don’t move for 8-12 hours a day. the product works good.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hello Blue Sky

      To your questions…no, I don’t. And yes I am a paint contractor who goes up and down and all around houses. With tools. Sounds like you have gear that dates back to before the current generation of Cleantecs. That Hawaii sun must get rather hot. Cheers.

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