TCR initiates Titan FlexSpray Handheld Sprayer testing

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Product of Interest: Titan FlexSpray Handheld

Titan FlexSprayThe Titan FlexSpray is a new handheld sprayer, recently submitted to us by the manufacturer for assessment. We have just begun to check it out, and will spend a few months running it through various typical handheld tasks as we compile feedback to share.

For a glimpse of the tool in action, we grabbed the above video from Youtube. (Editor’s note: while the demonstrators in the video chose not to wear respiratory protection, we do recommend that users wear protection in any spraying situation).

On first look, the FlexSpray is like a handheld HVLP turbine rig. It is a corded unit that pressurizes and moves fluid by forced air, making it an interesting and unique technology within the professional handheld sprayer category.

For your initial reference, here is Titan’s product description of the Flexspray from their website. This sprayer is available exclusively through Sherwin Williams.

Stay tuned for updates on this site, as well as our Facebook and Twitter.  Our overall assessment of the FlexSpray is expected to be complete in the Spring of 2016.

Titan FlexSpray




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4 Reader Comments

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  1. We purchased this unit in the fall of 2015 with the idea that it would compliment the Graco FinishPro 290 that we have been using to spray acrylic enamels on windows, doors, frames, etc. I was also attracted to the super-quick setup/takedown during a demo. It seemed to behave much like an HVLP but in a more convenient form factor. Initially it seemed perfect, but on a recent job the 290 went out and we were left only with the FlexSpray. It is much slower (like any HVLP) and it also requires a lot of air to push modern acrylics (SW ProClassic in this case). This lead to paint dust everywhere. Not wet overspray. Dry dust. Air filter on gun fills quickly. Respirator should definitely be used. The sprayer can leave a real nice finish, just cover everything and doorways. It is a perfect touch up or quick little job sprayer, however, for larger projects we just purchased a Graco FinishPro 395.

  2. Scott, We are remodeling contractors that also handle our own painting. We do have a small spray tech airless that is perfect for additions and interior renos. We are looking for an alternative for moldings,interior and exterior doors without having to purchase a HVLP or have crazy prep masking work. (we do very little stain work). Ran across this gun at Sherwin Williams and almost bought on the spot, but figured I’d research a little. Would I still need the fine tip for smooth moldings and doors? Thin paint with Floetrol or water ? Am I safe using the flex tip with smaller fan spread for trim? Just looking for a little feedback before spending the $400. I realize I will have to do some test spraying to achieve what I’m looking for, but most info related to fine finishes tip is related to varnish and lacquers . Thanks in advance

  3. Rob Eygenraam says:

    Do you have any preliminary report on the Titan Flex Spray? Are there any downsides you have become aware of. I’m at the point of purchasing something and it looks like this is in my price range. I do mostly repaints an not much in the way of lacquers etc. I owm a Graco 490 but would appreciate the portability and ease of setup and breakdown the handhelds afford. Your timely response will be much appreciated.
    Rob Eygenraam

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Rob, you have hit the nail on the head…the handheld class of sprayers are convenience tools, ideally suited to small tasks where you don’t want to go through set up and break down of a larger airless rig. The FlexSpray, so far in our experience, the Flexspray has been good in the small paint grade tasks we have put it in. If you end up trying it out, we would appreciate hearing your experience with it.

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