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Due to the overwhelming response our ipe content has enjoyed on topcoatreview.com, the topic now occupies it’s own chunk of online real estate.

As the 400+ comments on our legendary 5 Things Not to Do article reflect, it has become a challenge for our readers to interact with each other and with us, in the comment section of the article. This has caused readers with immediate issues to scramble to find ways to directly contact us for advice on how to resolve ipe problems.


Join us at ipehelp.com

To save everyone time and confusion, we are moving the topic to: Ipehelp.com.

If you are a ipe deck owner (at any stage of ownership) in need of professional guidance, we invite you to join us there. We are building an unprecedented online resource specifically for owners and installers of ipe decks.

That said, we will keep the ipe articles on Topcoat Review open to the public, and the comment sections will continue to evolve as an open source, archived resource.

Our attention to the topic will be focused at the new site going forward.

We are developing new interactive resources to help ipe owners find the solutions and expert advice they seek, in the most efficient way.

Join us and other ipe enthusiasts at Ipehelp.com.



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  1. Bruce says:

    I have recently came across a recommendation for IPE decks to use Defy Hardwood wood stain. Great reviews. it’s water based, which is very different from the others. If it works, a water-based stain would seem to have many advantages, including cleanup and not worrying about accidentally exposing to rain shortly after applying.

    Any comments?

  2. Chris Vassalotti says:


    On one of your articles you recommend SuperDeck Transparent Oil-Based Stain for IPE. Although I couldn’t find the article again, I don’t specifically recall you calling out the Exotic Hardwood formula. Have you used the standard Sherwin Williams Superdeck Oil-based transparent stain on IPE? Is that recommended?

  3. John Barwick says:

    Scott, It has been 2 years since I last cleaned and oiled my IPE deck. In the past I recall that the recommendation is to avoid power washers on IPE. Do you concur?

  4. Catherine Evans says:

    Hi Scott,

    Last year I followed your directions and redid my old, neglected Ipe deck. Wash, 80 grit sanding with dust extraction, Penofin oil. It looked great, Much of the oil on the exposed parts has faded, so I’m now thinking about its annual maintenance. Would you just recommend a light wash and re-oil? I’ve heard the Ipe will hold the finish better after more years of annual maintenance, is this true?

    Thank you so much for this resource!

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Catherine, if I may, I’d like to suggest you complete the free registration at our new IPE specific site: http://ipehelp.com/register-2/
      I’d love to make this a Q&A piece there so it can be shared with members facing the same challenges. I’ll be happy to share some maintenance guidelines in that format and look forward to seeing you there!

  5. steve Joseph says:

    Hi Scott, I am refinishing a huge IPE deck, in previous years I used a stain called Sikkens. I am not happy with it because it looks great right after I finish but gets filthy shortly after as the finish has a tack to it. Refinishing is a huge project. I have to use floor sanders and assorted other edge sanders. I need a recommendation for a better product to use when I am done. I don’t mind cleaning and staining but this sanding has to stop! Thank you for your time.

    • Jim says:

      I have had luck using a TSP/water solution and scrubbing. Let it dry for 24hrs and oil with penofin oil ( they have a type specific for ipe). Do not over apply and wipe off any excess. Any residual oil will become sticky. Also make sure it will not get wet for 24hrs. Good luck. I’ve also heard good things about ipe oil but have not tried it.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Steve, strip it and go to a penetrating oil. Try Ready Seal.

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