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Dear Purdy –

The ONLY thing this paint brush did right today was clean up nice at the end of the day. While that is a nice quality in a brush, it is not exactly headliner material.

Everything in between was a crap show:

  • It wouldn’t hold paint.
  • It wouldn’t release paint.
  • No edge for cutting.
  • Spread like a rake.

I had advised last December that you NOT mess with your brushes in this post. Now, I might suggest that you mess with this brush.


In waterborne, per mfr recommendation.

Oddly, it is a brush that we have had great experiences with in similar product and process situations. What a disappointment and let down. Not sure if the Chinex bristle filaments have been messed with, but this was a disaster.

I am starting to think that brush manufacturers are further behind the curve than any product or tool manufacturer in the paint industry.

The manufacturer website description of the product describes it as designed for use in oil and waterborne products. Must be really good in oil. But how much oil are painters really spreading these days?

We can do better than this.




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17 Reader Comments

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  1. Robert Eygenraam says:

    Time to weigh-in on the “Chinex Brush” issue. My first Chinex was a Corona Excalibur 2.5″ angled sash, my second a Purdy 3″ angled sash. None of the three brands mentioned can shine a candle to the Hardline Proform Picassos or Blazes on four key fronts. They clean up better, lay off better, hold more paint. and cut better. Question: why use anything else? Watch Brian Havanas / Jack Pauhl video “How to paint a room in 6 minutes” on YouTube and see a “Blaze in action. You be the judge!

  2. Bill Dubinski says:

    I have been painting professionally for 16 years.
    I will not fault the chinex bristle, I will fault Purdy brushes.

    I use Corona brushes. To be exact, pretty much Corona’s full line of Chinex.

    Purdy, especially since being bought out by Sherwin Williams totally stinks as a brush. Even did when owned by the Davis Brush Co.

    Which is why prior to my use of Corona I used Wooster’s.

    I totally agree with the rake comment, but that is not just Chinex, that is the entire Purdy line.

    Don’t let the comments of the hardline Purdy guys and your comments get to you. A brush is all about how it makes you feel. Some painters can be more open minded and try new things than just always buy a brand based on the fact that is all they ued.

    But all painters know Purdy makes the worst Chinex bristle.
    Every painter knows Corona chinex is #1, Wooster Chinex #2 and Purdy Chinex #3.
    Come on, they sell Purdy’s at DIY home improvement centers where as Corona’s are only available at professional painting stores.
    That should tell you right there.
    But so is Wooster.
    But Purdy’s are made by a publically traded company. So that tells you is not about quality its about profits.

  3. Marc Culhane says:

    A bad batch? I’ve been using Purdy brushes for 20 years. All Purdy’s have the initials of the person who either made, packaged or inspected them. Call Purdy or their parent company Sherwin Williams and ask them what’s up with the Chinex brushes. Thanks, Marc.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Good tip, Marc.

      • perrytradesman says:

        wow hard to believe the way you are bashing and bashing hard on Purdy the way that you are I don’t know you but have to say I had a lot of respect for you and posted some very favorable comments to “Whats your problem” a post of yours I really liked.
        You wanna know one or two things that bother me in the trade are painters that don’t use a white standard 2gal bucket we call a “2” or a “duece” for there cut in set up -or- a painter that is using a whimpy little 2″ brush to paint with in that little homeowner jug thing that has a handle is that what you use as a everyday cut in set up?
        please tell me that do not use the home owner “roller pan” or “tray” when your rolling flatwall, the only thing missing is the tea cup hook above the skirt on that brush.
        Question do you wear whites at your jobs?
        Those chinex bristle ( not china bristle) suck and never really perform all that well because its a home owner brush and even the handle is kinda funky looking cuz Its geared towards DIY crowd.
        Of all the Brushes purdy makes someone like you should know that kind of brush is geared to a weekend warrior type those bristles “chinex” just seem to by there nature have alot of spread issues, friction and the paint does not stay on the bristle to well either.
        I mean why would you buy that for anything more than priming
        or painting the inside of a cabinet.
        Scott, Purdy brushes are the best made brushes period and thats not just a feeling I have either and sorry frank if you want I will email several reasons you won’t sell many brushes here in the USA.
        Scott I even follow Chris and her blog which is a great one. But
        I would fire any painter with that kind of a set up cuz you aint getting any production out of it.
        And when your on a ladder do you just have to keep holding it where does the pot hook go on it..
        Hate to say but I’m no longer interested in your posts or videos SCOTT you owe Purdy brush company a big apology FOR “spreads like a rake” or “crap” news flash Scott maybe thin your product or use flowtrol..
        You really went out of your way to attack Purdy and I have made my living for nearly 30years using Purdy products!
        Perry owner/founder of Tradesman Painting & Decorating Lic.778435
        We only use Purdy brushes and roller covers because they perform great!

        • Scott Burt says:

          Perry, I think your rant exceeds mine! Thanks for sharing your opinions, that is what this site is about…archiving professional experiences. Ours, yours, and all professionals who participate. And don’t worry, we still love and use Purdy brushes as a whole. They make some excellent tools.

  4. Michelle says:

    I’ve been a Paint Contractor for 14 yrs and Purdy Brushes are Horrible !!! The best brush you can buy are Wooster’s. The cut is Beautiful and hold plenty of paint . Love them !!

  5. Being a painter myself I have developed my own brushline, named Cling On!. Three months ago I’ve sent you some brush samples, hoping you would want to test them en comment on them. Since I’ve never heard back from you I’m beginning to wonder if you ever received them…
    Could you please let me know?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Frank, yes we did receive them, thank you. They may show up in some of our footage at some point.

    • Ok, thanks for letting me know! I’m always curious of what a fellow painter might think of it. Feedback from other pro’s is of great value, especially for one-man companies like mine…

    • perrytradesman says:

      HI Frank, hey do you remember me I got both yr brushes T Y TY and I have used the round one and liked it very nice brush-
      How is the brush bizz treating you–


      • As a matter of facts Perry, things get better almost every day. They are actually being sold in the USA since a couple of months now. At the moment about 40 resellers and very positive reactions…
        Just haven’t been able to reach the pro’s yet…

  6. Tim Raleigh says:

    Yup, the Chinex brush sucks with waterbourne and I have the older versions. They are ok in oil, so they are relegated to primer…I have some older (10+yrs) Purdy’s that I like and I keep them nice and clean with Kleen-Again.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Thanks for commenting, Tim. Glad it is not just me. And thanks for the tip on maintenance. Seems that most people have trouble getting brushes to last for 10 years anymore.

  7. tim says:

    Gosh Scott, if Purdy can’t make a good brush any more what shall we buy instead?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Tim, they do still make good brushes. Probably the best across the board in terms of quality and longevity across their different lines of brushes. My beef is that if you are going to hang any brush in a paint store that specifically focuses on serving pro painters, then those brushes better be up to pro standards and demands. This particular one wasn’t. That is rare, which makes it frustrating. We come to count on these things. A brush is the last thing you want to have a problem with. Maybe it was just a bad batch. I’ll give them the mulligan on this one. Time will tell, it always does.

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