Graco 395 Finish Pro II

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Graco 395 Finish Pro II

In 2014, Graco released an improved line of fine finish sprayers, which includes improved 395 and 595 versions of the legendary Finish Pro air assisted sprayers. Topcoat began testing the 395 Finish Pro II several months prior to its release, and we were able to provide some practical input to influence the final incarnation.

Graco Finish Pro II

Todd in clear finish during test phase of 395 FPII

The new generation Finish Pro series includes some key features that the previous generation lacked.

Most importantly, trigger activated compressors, and the inclusion of flat (AAF style) tip conversion kits. The hose sets are thinner diameter and lighter, and also now sheathed. Graco has also added more ergonomic full air control at the gun with a newly designed internal air valve.

When operating in air assisted mode, the air compressor only runs while the trigger on the gun is engaged. This saves trips back and forth to the pump to turn the compressor on and off in between rounds, and makes spraying a more peaceful experience. Improved air control on the G40 means you can crank the air at the pump, and dial it with precision at the gun.

What we Expect these Improvements to do:

  • reduce maintenance on compressor
  • prolong compressor life
  • produce cooler, drier air
  • improve user experience (quieter)
  • convenience: full control at the gun
Graco Finish Pro II

We ran the new system in paint grade production prefinishing.

All of this reduces the amount of foot traffic happening in the spray zone, which is better for the operator and the finished product.

Expect prices to be in the $2800 range for the 395 Finish Pro II and in the $3000-3500 range for the 595 version.

Click here to see the 2014 Graco Fine Finish Sprayer brochure. There is some cool visual footage in it from our own pre-release testing.

Graco Finish Pro II

Paint grade cabinetry.

Please use the Comment section below to ask any questions about the new features.

We are happy to share our experience with the 395 Finish Pro II.

We have lots of video footage of the new system that we have not released yet, so stay tuned.

Graco Finish Pro II

Now comes with both reversible and flat style tip capability.



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23 Reader Comments

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  1. Carl Howell says:

    Long haul report? Is this same unit still in operation for you? I currently run a kremlin air assist pump and excite gun on field finish projects which, as you know, means I am toting a big 20 gallon compressor. Aside from weight and the added machine to carry and set up, and hope for a fused circuit big enough to carry the load, the biggest concer we have is water in the line. I am looking for feedback on how the little smart compressor does with humid conditions? Also wonder if it gets tired on larger continuous spray operations? Like if i have 8′ high by 20′ long or longer architectural wall panel to spray…
    Have been considering building a rig utilising the kremlin excite guns supplying fliud via a 395 pump and trigger air supply froma turbine unit, to overcome the moisture problems. Why this configuration has not already been marketed is baffling. The finishpro seems a good contender. But again the moisture thing..

  2. Jeff says:

    Hi, I just bought a used FP 395 from a local painter. At my work I use a Kremlin 20:25 with an xcite gun and got this setup for doing side work at home. It’s set up with the RAC FF aircap. Is the air supposed to run constantly out of the gun when no trigger is pulled? It shuts off about half trigger, then comes back on at 3/4 trigger like normal. Also, I know the compressor never shuts off on this model, but is it supposed to sound like a gas lawnmower? I’m surprised how loud it is?
    Thanks a lot.

  3. Scott Kesler says:

    I just purchased the 395fp ll and I’m have major issues with tip clogging after about 30 seconds. I’m using Pro Classic acrylic/alkyd at 1200 psi with compressor on full throttle which is what the Greco rep recommended. The rep. said not to use the flat tip , as it was not intended for heaver material.
    any suggestions? I would also appreciate your advice on psi and compressor settings for this product. Thanks,Scott K.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Scott, the flat tip is better, and worth a try. You may have to reduce material a bit more, as there is a screen on the backside of the tip housing. We keep a toothbrush in a small cup of water handy to keep the tip area clean. When you stop for any amount of time, wrap a wet rag over it. Settings should be 32 on air at the compressor (fine tune at gun) and probably 1200-ish fluid. Let us know if these things help.

      • Scott Kesler says:

        Dear Scott,
        Thank you for your helpful feed back.
        I’ll give the flat top a try tomorrow. I still wonder though, why I’m getting load up on the right side of the tip so quickly using the 210 fine finishing tip.
        Many thanks, Scott Kesler

      • Greg says:

        I recently purchased a 395 and was given the same info by a Graco rep that Scott received. Only use flat tip with lawyers, clears etc, compressor at full throttle and PSI 1200. Were the specifications you suggested for the flat tip or reversible? Does it matter? We are taking it into the field for the first time and will be spraying mouldings and doors in a large custom home using SW Pro Classic water based/alkyd as well. We Would like to use the reversible with product not reduced. Is this ok? Should we go up in tip size from 211?

  4. Jeremy Fifer says:

    Our company has a 595 next week. Any thoughts about using 100 feet of hose with this pump? We also will be spraying pro classic on trim and doors. Any recommendations on the size of a flat tip to use? Thanks for all of the information.

  5. Brian says:

    Hi Scott. Great Blog… Great spraying information to be found here. I am currently looking to purchase a new aaa pump. Reading a review of the 395 Finish Pro on mentions an issue with spitting from a new G40 gun straight out of the box. One of the main reason i will be purchasing a aaa pump is that this problem is endemic with my Airless pump. Could you offer any advice on spitting issues with the G40 Thanks

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Brian, thanks for stopping by. There isn’t a spitting issue with the G40. Sometimes a reviewer will put out info based on a flukey situation, that may have been the situation here. Fortunately, you’ve found the right place, we probably have more experience with aaa than most anyone in the industry. The bigger issue that has been reported and observed with the G40 gun is clogging at the tip, particularly with latex and waterbornes. Graco has remedied this situation by including a flat tip conversion with the FPII. The flat tip style rarely if ever clogs. Bottom line, spitting shouldn’t be an issue for you. Let us know if we can help you with any other questions about this rig or other tools/products.

  6. Nick says:

    Scott, I found an awesome deal on the FP II 395. I want it to spray things like Target EM6500…. BM Advance, etc… You get my drift. I want to spray these waterborne pigmented top coats and get glass smooth finish. Something that my Apollo 1050VR is incapable of. Do you have experience with spraying paint through this rig?

  7. marek says:

    Hi Scott,

    I have been looking at the New Graco Finish pro II 395 and will demo next week. From what I understand there was a problem with clogging on the previews version of G40 gun and this was from the review by Jack Paul.
    Do you know if this was resolved by Graco or not.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Marek, several improvements in the FPII package (most notably, inclusion of a flat tip conversion kit and trigger activated air) have reduced the likelihood of clogging at the tip. It is a very reliable system.

      • marek says:

        Thank you for your replay. I just had a demo with Graco rep. We were using Pro Classic waterborne with FF 210 Tip. Clogged up immediately and distorted the pattern to crescent moon. Rep didn’t have 311 tip or flat tip conversion tip to try it out.
        I think with all these new paints with low voc and high viscosity you need a bigger tip opening like 311 or FF 312 at least.
        Or maybe a Flat Tip.
        What is your experience with all these new paints for mill work and cabinets spray work.
        Here is the list of paints:
        BM Advance
        BM Waterborne Impervo
        BM Regal Select
        SW Pro Classic Hybrid
        Thank you Kindly

  8. Phil says:

    Nice article Scott. It must be very convenient if there isn’t a separate line for air in the air assisted mode. Less to transport if your leaving the main shop. Plus flip a switch and your on to airless. Kinda boggles my mind that it can do both so well.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Phil, there are still two hoses, but they are lighter and have a better swivel design at the base of the gun, and the filter housing has been reduced in size. Still, a flip of a switch between airless and aaa, which is very convenient, and having the compressor trigger activated now makes for a quieter experience.

  9. I look forward to hearing more. We love our finishpro 395

    • Scott Burt says:

      Same here, Tommy. We were pretty surprised (nervous) when we learned that Graco was going to change the first generation 395 FP. It is tough to mess with legend. But, we have been really pleased. We definitely will be rolling out more footage and I am actually going to check with Todd and see if we can put together a short video to shakedown the specific hose/gun differences based on the questions you asked at PT.

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