Reader Question: Drywall Finishing

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Drywall Finishing Question

I have a room I’m going to put up sheet rock, finish and then paint. Finishing the sheet rock is tough. I’ve done it before but are there new tools out there besides a pan and knife to help me do it better and easier? And the sanding part, always dust anywhere, any ideas to reduce this?

Scott’s Answer

Tim, there is good news and no news.

First, by way of review for our readers, drywall finishing has 3 critical stages:

  • tape and mud
  • sanding
  • priming and painting

Unfortunately, the first (tape and mud), has changed the least. It is still a game of buckets of mud, tape, knives and hawks.

drywall sanding

Festool orbital sanders are a good dust free option for drywall sanding.

The sanding aspect of drywall finishing has changed tremendously in recent years with the emergence of Festool into the paint and drywall industries.

They have all different levels of solutions, and all dust free.

Yes, you read that correctly, dust free drywall sanding.

Here are a few links:

Finally, the drywall painting and priming game has changed alot as well. Many new low and no VOC drywall primers are available that work really well. Sprayer and roller gear has evolved too.

Let us know if you have further questions. Good luck with the project.




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