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topcoat review on jlc online

Be sure to check this site out.

In case you missed it, our sister site, Blogging Painters, announced recently that paint junkies can now get their fix of Topcoat Review on JLC Online.

Here is the formal announcement from BP: JLC adds a Blogging Painter to Lineup.

This is a direct link to our little apartment over at JLC: Scott Burt’s Blog.

As the publisher of Topcoat Review, my name is on it over there, but anyone who knows this site knows that it’s a team effort here at TCR.

None of this would happen without the critical path of all Topcoat information through Todd Pudvar and Chris Haught in their respective disciplines prior to my wordsmithing and pressing of the “Publish” button.

So, this is very much a team announcement.

We are at once honored and excited to be the definitive source for accurate paint product and process information for JLC’s readers, which are predominantly remodelers, carpenters and builders.

With as much crossover as there is between the trades these days, this is really important. And we encourage our readers, which are predominantly painters and finishers, to tap into the extensive JLC resources for good info when we cross over into remodeling, carpentry or building projects.

It happens. Painters do exterior rot repair/replacement, interior architectural molding installs and many other services these days that aren’t straight up painting. The flipside is true for remodelers. They often paint their own stuff, because they can’t get one of us paint contractors to look at small projects. Creating communication across the disciplines is one important and undeniable direction that all industries are moving in.

In our opinion, this is social media at its best. Here at Topcoat Review, we have extensive archives of the best paint product and tool info on the internet. We encourage reader comments and discussions. All of our articles have anywhere from 0 to 300 reader comments on them. Please, take advantage of the collective pool of knowledge and expertise on this site.

So, a warm welcome to JLC readers. Please visit early and often. We are pretty sure our readers will be finding their way over to JLC as well.

And we encourage all readers of all stripes to be sure to read Scott’s “From the Field” column in American Painting Contractor magazine in 2014. It’s going to be a very interesting year.

Happy New Year.







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2 Reader Comments

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  1. Scott Burt says:

    Likewise, Chris, and thank you!

  2. Chris Haught says:

    Now I am blushing! 🙂 Your dedication to the improvement of the industry is a worthy effort and I am glad to be part of the team, I look forward to seeing the JLC readers join our happy little community!

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