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topcoat finishesTopcoat Finishes Restructures readers know that we operate as the happiest little satellite to Topcoat Finishes, Inc., our paint contracting mothership business.

As the Topcoat brand has grown considerably in the past few years, it now encompasses a network that includes more digital components than ever. We will continue promotion and sharing of info in all major social media outlets from all of our online interests.

Topcoat Finishes’ online interests now include:

Topcoat ReviewOur Online Chronicle

Topcoat Review is where we chronicle and share the results of all the materials, tools and processes that we test on real world projects at Topcoat Finishes. We do this with unmatched transparency in our efforts to bridge the gap of mutual understanding between paint industry manufacturers, contractors, and general consumers. Topcoat constantly “guinea pigs” itself in approaches to painting that have not been done before – literally, working with manufacturers extensively during R&D phases of just about every significant new technology advancement to come along in the past decade.

Prep to FinishPaint Industry Training

Topcoat Review has taken us many places in the past few years, literally all over the country to all of the major paint and remodeling industry events each year. And also into print publication in magazines we only dreamed of being featured in. Through the Topcoat journey, a new educational program evolved, called Prep to Finish. This division of Topcoat was launched in February 2013, with a pilot program which toured Vermont vocational programs and provided hands on paint training to students in the building trades. This program has been met with tremendous industry support, and is growing considerably each month in its unprecedented methods of vocational and contractor training.

Topcoat Finishes Historical Archives

We will continue to host our classic website, mostly as a reflection of the previous three generations of Topcoat. As our business has evolved, we no longer care to market and feature projects that we did 16 years ago, or even 6 years ago, for that matter. We have continued to refine and redefine Topcoat to the point that what’s happening now is all that really matters. But we do believe in the importance of historical context for any local business, and the vintage Topcoat site shows much of the journey that led us to where we are today, and for that reason, we will continue to run that site, and link to it’s archives for those who may find it interesting.

802paint.comPresent and Future

We sometimes find the best approach is to “back into” figuring out what our own operational needs are, and we have never been afraid to put a big fat cart out in front of a whole bunch of horses, challenging the horses to get to the front. Well, we are pleased to announce that the day has come that the correct horses are bridled out front of the Topcoat digital wagon. is now launched as the official home of all things Topcoat. We needed a new Topcoat site to best reflect changes we have made to the essence of our contracting business model since Q4 of 2012. captures Topcoat’s transition and growth, while bringing a more consistent framework to our overall digital footprint by putting all of our sites on compatible and interactive online platforms that are easy for us to manage, and easier for our readers to navigate.

Particular thanks to Chris at Partners in Sites for laying out the infrastructure and tolerating our persnickity approach to assembling it all for an official launch – and mostly for helping us to get our heads around the integration of so many critical online components.

Thank You

We realize every time we hit the road, where we meet many longtime online colleagues for the first time, that while we do a great job of sharing our testing footage, our readers would also actually enjoy viewing archives of the results that we produce – the completed projects. After all, it is Topcoat FINISHES! So, rather than turn Topcoat Review into a Topcoat Mud Puddle, we decided to take the more difficult but rewarding path of finally putting a well deserved and properly defined contextual chassis under Topcoat Review.  And at the same time, it only makes sense to apply all that we have learned through our involvement with the Blogging Painters co-op about white hat SEO strategies to place our own contracting firm at the top of our local market search results. What is good for the goose, can only be good for the gander.

We thank all of our readers, subscribers, colleagues and supporters for continuing to be involved in the Topcoat journey, and we assure you that we will continue to be the guinea pigs who take paint contracting to places that it has never been before in the ongoing effort to educate consumers about hackery and lowballism, and bring the proper respect to deserving practitioners in a confused industry.



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  1. Nathan says:

    Thanks for all your efforts, Scott. Your sites have been so helpful on numerous occasions. Keep up the great work!

  2. Chris Haught says:

    Great read! What your team is doing, from the service you provide customers, the advice you freely give contractors and now the vocational training, is a phenomenal asset to the painting industry. I think it is a model that many others can adopt. It’s been a pleasure to “manage the bridles” with your team!

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