5 Tips for Sanding Spindles

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Good habits become muscle memory.

Especially on those tedious, repetitive tasks.

5 Tips for Sanding Spindles:

1. Don’t sand them manually (use a power tool)
2. Don’t sand one spindle at a time.
3. Sand in one orientation at a time
4. There are 8 surfaces per spindle: 4 faces and 4 edges
5. Think about the way you would spray, and sand that way

RO90Using a pattern as shown in the video, the operator does not have to change tool orientation several times per spindle. By staying in the same orientation and working the same surface on many spindles, a repetitive task becomes easier. The task is more streamlined. The downward motion on one spindle transitions to the upward motion on the next, with no position change. Think like you are spraying, and you will start to see patterns and sequences that you may not have previously associated with sanding. Its about economy of motion, no wasted energy.

Compared to hand sanding with a sponge or block, this is a cleaner, and more production based approach which also yields a smoother, more even sanding with greater efficiency. This approach can be used with any sander that will fit between the spindles, or reach in with an extension. This would exclude most orbitals or palm sanders, so it is more of a detail sander technique.

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Moving from hand sanding to power sanding comes with very similar advantages (in both production and quality) as moving from brush and roller painting to spraying. Choosing the right tools for the task, and finding the most efficient method is the way to love those aspects of projects that aren’t inherently lovable.

I have always enjoyed repetitive, monotonous, tedious tasks. I just don’t need them to take forever and be dusty tasks anymore.

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