Rack and Roll…Here to Stay?

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mobile base

Prototype mobile base for Erecta-Rack.

We have been experimenting with a mobile base for the Erecta-Rack, which was provided to us by the manufacturer as a pre-production prototype for the purposes of testing and feedback.

The concept of the mobile base is to allow for moving the drying rack system around. This could be from one finishing bench to another, or to a heat source destination for final drying and curing.

The system is especially helpful for small items, like cabinet doors or shelving, window sashes, or short lumber stock.

We wouldn’t recommend racking anything longer than 6′ on the rack in conjunction with the mobile base. But for small items, consuming such a small amount of floor space to material drying, and then making it portable, is worthy of serious consideration.

The Erecta-Rack system itself fits the definition of a convenience tool to a ‘t’. The mobile base makes it that much more handy. Sometimes it is interesting to observe the efficiency gain that can occur when small to medium impact tools come together to create a notable overall process enhancement. The whole can be greater than the sum of its parts. If you have ever had to paint and dry a dozen window sash or cabinet doors, you know the rub.

We do not know if the mobile base will make it into production and become available for purchase, but our feedback to Erecta-Rack is that it should. We believe that contractors who use the Erecta-Rack system would, like us, appreciate not having to commit a fixed amount of floor space to material drying, when relocation to a designated drying area post finish is often preferable. Attempting to move a non-castered rack system is the highest risk of rack collapse, which is catastrophic during prefinishing.

mobile baseWe believe that the prototype we are testing may be the only unit currently in existence. We will not be returning it to the manufacturer, so hopefully that will mean that they have to build more.

For readers who are not familiar with this drying rack system, read our recent review in Tools of the Trade magazine.

If you are an ER user, please comment below with opinions on this concept.



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4 Reader Comments

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  1. Sean. M says:

    Yeah the cost and the weight would be increased with the hydraulics.

    Pretty cool. Yes I would like to see this as an accessory to the existing product. It did just connect to your existing set up right?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Yes. You just assemble the cart and the standard rack builds right onto it. The rack shown in the photo has the upgraded powder coated bars, which we have also been testing since last fall. Those are nice because finishes don’t stick to them.

  2. Sean. M says:


    I really like this addition to a an already great product. I think it will make the system that much more useful. I see the benefit of instead of stacking in the middle of the room the stack can be off on the sidelines out of the way and then moved across the room easily when you need to access the previously used space.

    • Scott Burt says:

      All of that, Sean. We actually set up an obstacle course to test the handling of the loaded unit. That is why there is a large umbrella laying behind it. We wanted to recommend hydraulic brakes but thought it would drive the cost up too much.

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