Mailbag: HVLP Questions

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I thoroughly enjoy all your articles in APC.

I finally decided to see if you would be willing to provide some advice and came to this site to contact you. Lo and behold another treasure trove for information which is now favorite placed.

My question. Does HVLP do a good job spraying our interior semi gloss? Ben Moore regal and waterborne satin impervo are our staple products.

I have a CS9000 turbine, it still runs fine. Truthfully, I have not cared for my guns so I wish to reinvest and begin properly caring for the new gun. I was leaning towards the Graco Edge, upfitting to the 2 qt remote for flexibility in moving gun about. Our work is in rework settings, mostly in residential jobs. You are dealing with a stubborn old school type that is frustrated easily and goes right back to the brush, but recognize I am not old enough to be left in the dust with changing technology. We have an air assisted Graco unit my son is in charge of; it still has “too much” overspray.

Secondly, for our faux work, could this unit spray out Ben Moore’s metallic products.
And lastly, any knowledge/advice on air brushes specifically to do precison work with the metallics,glazes and minor regal semi work.

I look forward to your response.
Klaus S.


Hello Klaus,

Thanks for stopping by, and for your kind words. Glad to have another stubborn old schooler around.

To your questions, yes, one of the units we run is a Graco TurboForce 9.5. Because it is a 5 stage, it will spray wb impervo and regal (and other similar viscosities) quite well. You may have to experiment with reducing slightly to get exactly what you want. Its a good idea to do a tack coat and thin passes (in one setting) rather than going heavier in fewer passes. I would suggest though, that you also do more dialing with the air assisted. You should be able to get the pressure down to a level where it will spray latex in trim and cabinet grade scenarios without too much overspray. Its ideal to have both technologies at your disposal. I would think the hvlp unit could also do the decorative metallics, although I have not done it. And lastly, unfortunately I have nothing for you on air brushes at all!

Please feel free to follow up in the “Leave a Reply” section (scroll down to bottom of this page) with as many questions or thoughts as you may have.


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