Little Big Roller Oxymoron

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A few weeks ago, we started testing the new Purdy Jumbo Mini Roller frames and covers.

The biggest design improvement in this generation of applicators is that the frame is not all wire style. It has a plastic core (the spinning cylinder that roller cover slides onto) that is a beefy 3/4″ thick, and one universal frame size fits both 4 1/2″ and 6 1/2″ cover lengths. This makes for a better integrated system. Also, the grip on the Jumbo Mini is perfect. Fits the hand very well, and comfortable on longer tasks.


Purdy Jumbo Mini with a Jumbo Golden Eagle spreading epoxy on concrete floor.

Today’s test task for the JM was as a perimeter cutting tool on a two part epoxy coating on concrete application. The name “Jumbo Mini” at first is a contradiction in terms.

But after using it to cut a 6 1/2″ perimeter with epoxy paint, it is clear that the “Jumbo” part is defined by the load capacity of the roller cover, which is very impressive in it’s ability to load and release a such a thick coating.

The “Mini” would refer to the tool’s ability to get into tight edges and corners, and most especially the end cap design that allows you to literally use the end of roller as a guide.

Check out in the photo (left) how tight the floor cut line is at the bottom of the drywall. We will easily be able to lay 3/4″ baseboard down over the gap.

This design feels more like a 9″ roller, because of the thick core. It is spinning less revolutions than the old wire style minis, and delivering more paint in the process. Spatter was low, the guide end of the roller (into the wall) is not as messy as other mini covers – and with epoxy, this could have been ugly.

We will be testing several combos of product and covers on this new frame, so stay tuned.



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  1. mark loader says:

    The roller have to be cleaned and lubed ,just like any standard roller, they wear faster because of holding more paint, but they have roller pad cleaners on the markets right now that clean up to 1 inch nap that the roller pad fits into, then hooks to a standard garden hose! Cleans the pad as fast as you turn the water on and off! Maybe they can design a mini one for these types of new rollers! I love my 4inch x 1 inch naps still myself! 🙂

  2. andy rollings says:

    I had one a few months back, started out well, very solid, as you say felt like a 9” roller. A couple of months later didnt failed to turn, tried to clean, you need to break it too get to the internals, bad design and is now in the bin!

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