Cool Tool Accessory Loss Prevention Tip

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goldFive Golden Rings!! Sort of…

Most of us put a decent chunk of time into job stocking, assembling kits, and accessorizing equipment.

In jobsite settings with multiple trades, no matter how organized and tight you run, it can still be a free for all. When other trades need something, they may just grab it. Sometimes, the more organized you are, the easier you are making it for everyone on the job to find what they need. Sharing is all good, right up until the point when YOU need something and it is not there.

Generally, no one intends to actually steal anything. But they may need to use it, and you may be fine with letting them. But many things all start to look the same on a jobsite.

Especially accessories.

Vacuum attachments are among the most common items that get caught up in the incestuous sharing of tools on the job. It can be very frustrating as painters, because we probably (no, we DO) vacuum more than anyone on the jobsite, and the machines, bags and attachments are pricy.

In the holiday spirit, we’ve made it impossible for our attachments to end up on anyone else’s vacuum without it being blatantly obvious. We have made them easier to find! The visual impact and good natured message of blinging out your accessories solves any confusion regarding whose is which.

It only took about 10 minutes to make these brush attachments unmistakably Topcoat. Go on, vent away about what comes up missing the most on your sites. Leave a comment. It is therapeutic.



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6 Reader Comments

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  1. Blue tape and screwdrivers are probably the biggest. We also have an issue when separate crews or crew leaders work together on a bigger job and then tools get mixed up and one has multiple of something and the other is short because tools were put away in the wrong container. I do believe a color code will be coming for each crew…

    • Scott Burt says:

      Mike, blue tape is a good one. RAGS TOO! On the blue tape, we keep a Sharpie in the box and label blue tape right in the core with our name. We have no problem being jerkie and repossessing our stuff that goes missing, with a smile.

  2. Chris will be upset you didn’t give him a nod for the motivation after seeing his work on the “PAT/Teblow”

  3. Chris spence says:

    Im sick to death of my sandpaper going walkers,it’s not 10p from the POund shop.infact while I’m here relieving the frustration of losing without using,just leave my tool kit full stop…RETURN my Purdy scraper,my Purdy 4inch roller frame and I want my RepairCare blue putty applicator back and if I catch anyone using my Supercut without prior permission then do not be offended when I put it where the sun doesnt shine..
    Feel so much better………
    Can you do one for dodgy contractors leaving bad works….

    • Scott Burt says:

      Haha Chris. An old timer carpenter friend of mine has a sign in his shop: “Don’t ask to borrow my tools and I won’t ask to borrow your wife.” Pretty much sums it up. We have sandpaper issues too, and blue tape, and rags, and caulking. Paint it all bright metallic gold!

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