Jim the woodworker wants to know…

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Jim asks:

I’m a mostly woodworker that is moving into spraying finishes from the brushing/wiping world. Enjoy your reviews, but I’m confused about
 what, as a non-contractor, types of sprayers I need. I wouldn’t mind 
being able to spray latex or oil, and other family members could 
borrow the sprayer when they needed to paint. But a lot my wood 
projects are smaller and don’t need 5 or even 1 gallon of material.
 What combination of sprayers would best suit my situation? I’m willing 
to pay a little more for better sprayers.

Thank you for your time.

Scott says:


From what you are describing, I think the #1 choice would be a 5 stage HVLP like this one.  I would be happy to help you brainstorm what your needs might be. Read the article linked in the first sentence of this email, and leave comments right in the comment section of that article on the blog and we can start to explore options. Some of it is driven by volume of work. HVLP is a great choice for small scale fine finishing. If larger production becomes necessary, air assisted is a good technology, which we can also discuss.
Thanks for writing.


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