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Titan Multi Finish

The Multi Finish 440 and Finish Pro 395 are noted as industry standard in this APC article

Our 395 has been committed to our Educational division, after it had spent its previous life in the shop and field. For 2013, those in-house duties have been handed over to the Titan Multi Finish 440 aaa, which has so far been up to the challenge during test opportunities which will lead to final compilation of a review this year.

In fact, there is an entire category on this site dedicated to air assisted spray technologies, as well as hvlp, airless, and cordless handhelds. Heading into 2013, we will continue to explore the boundaries of air assisted spraying, gathering footage and updating our readers as we go.

With the Titan Multi Finish 440, there are some test hurdles still to clear and much information to compile.

[Read “Smart Spraying: Clearing the Air on Air Assisted”]

Are you a Multi Finish 440 user? Please leave a reply below and share your experiences with us.

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  1. Titan 440 Multi Finish aaa Testing | Topcoat Review | March 10, 2012
  1. Gregg says:

    Why doesn’t Titan put out a chart for pressure settings and pump settings. If their putting out a machine as expensive as the 440 multitouch would figure they would have done some testing and taken the guess work out of this

  2. Jorge Avila says:

    hi i really like my sprayer now, i use it for everything, interior and exterior detail work, i have to replace the hole pump pistom becouse of bad function after 4 months, but Titan, cover all the costs.

  3. Jason says:

    Hello topcoat, I enjoy reading your reviews and have been anxiously awaiting to read the “conclusion ” on what you found out on the multifinish. Is that information still in the works to be printed?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Jason, yes! The Multi-Finish review is still very much in the works. We spend months with all machines, sharing test footage along the way as we compile the overall review content so that we can discuss performance in as many finishes and situations as possible. Should have it together in the next 6-8 weeks. Let me know if you have specific questions about the rig in the meantime.

      • Jason says:

        Hello Scott, thanks for your reply. The main info I am interested in is how it stacks up to the other triple aaa units with regards to spraying int./ext clears. I know the 440 by itself is dynamite for latex paints no ?’s there. But wondering how well it could lay down say a target 9300 waterbourne or similar product. I have A retail door business and finish most of my customers doors, trim & stair parts. I am considering this unit for in house as well as onsite use because of its portability. How would it compare to say a “c.a.t. tech.” triple aaa pump for finishes done in house? If A kremlin or C.a.t. type pump is signifigantly better, I would consider investing more$ for in house system & re think the on site pump or possibly a turbine. But off course, dont want to spend the extra$ I would love to hear your two cents when you get a min. Thanks again!

        • Scott Burt says:

          The Titan (and the Graco) are good all around “generalists”. The Titan is competent in alot of categories. I have used the Kremlin pumps and Airmix gun, and the big difference is in the gun. I give a production advantage nod to the Titan (and Graco) for design features that are contemporary and easy to use. The Kremlin gun ultimately puts out finer finishes, but you are without the reversible tip feature for mid task clogs. So, with the Kremlin, you really have to make sure that gun is happy with the product, viscosity, straining, etc, whereas the Capsray (titan gun) or G40 (graco gun) can bull and jam in a more forgiving way. I do find that it is a little bit time consuming to switch the Graco or Titan aaa rigs between paint grade and clear grade. Sprayers at the Kremlin and Apollo (hvlp) level are extremely fine crafted rigs, in a way that is more simple technology, but more sophisticated. So it depends on the level you want to come into it at. Best scenario to cover all shop and field based needs is to have one system in the shop and one for the road team. Or, one dedicated to stain/clear grades and one to primer/paint scopes, and just take whichever one is needed into the field. I guess it depends on the percentage of work you do in the shop versus field. If the field stuff is a small percentage, and they are small scale tasks, a turbine would be much more convenient and efficient, in which case you could have a shop based aaa and a traveling turbine, both capable of replicating each others finishes pretty exactly.

          • Jason says:

            Hello Scott, Thank you for the analysis! It would be asking a lot of the titanmulti to do it all. The Exite gun, from what i have read is the top rung on the ladder for fine finish. I will start saving pennies! Thanks again for your time.

  4. Jorge Avila says:

    thanks Scott i will try this monday .
    Jorge Avila

    • Scott Burt says:

      I think that will help Jorge. I just sprayed a large builtin cabinet this morning at 1100 fluid pressure and 28 on air, with waterborne satin impervo. I may be posting video of it. Let me know how those settings work, and definitely try the 315 and under range of tips.

  5. Jorge Avila says:

    Hi, my name is Jorge Avila, i run a painting co, in the Boston area, just bought a 440MF, i was spraying Ben- moore Regal Semi-Gloss and i had a hard time with small rolls on the finish, i could get the tails away, but was a lot of small hills, on the finish, like a sponge, i did thin the paint, was running the fluid pressure around 1200 and the air around 10., i did play which all kinds of combinations on fluid and air gage, but had no lucky, the shelfs ended up with this ” sponge , cheese finish ” , Scott what did i do wrong ?
    i try 311, 208, and 511, reversible tips.
    thanks Jorge Avila.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Jorge, I think you need to have more air in the mix. 10 is not very much to mix with that fluid pressure. Take the fluid down to 1100, bump the air up to 25 and go to a 315 tip. That should give you a better fan and flow at the tip. Let me know how it works.

  6. Scott Berry says:

    I bought the 440MF hoping I could leave the Capspray 9100 w/Power Cart at the shop. I saw the demo at the Titan booth and had to have one. Most of the time I will be using the 400MF for lacquer work but from time to time I will swap out the hose and gun to spray latex.
    Well I can’t seem dial it in. I’m having a hard time with tails even when used as an Airless I get them. I guess my problem is going from a needle gun to a reversible tip.
    Any help you can give?

    • Scott Burt says:

      From what you are describing, it sounds like you have the fluid pressure too low for pumping latex in aaa mode. What air and fluid pressure settings are you running?

  7. Damon T says:

    Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to your Titan reviews. Unfortunately not going to make it to Vegas this year.

  8. Scott Burt says:

    We are digging deeper into the MultiFinish this month, as well as the new Kremlin EOS pump and Xcite gun. And the new Apollo 1050vr hvlp. So, lots going on. Yes, we are parking our 395 for a while, as we have gathered excessive test info on it, and plugging in the MF440 for the year. Will be lots of footage coming on it. Are you going to Vegas next month?

  9. Damon T says:

    Hi Scott
    Enjoy your articles here and your input on PaintTalk. Do you have any updated info on the Titan multi finish ? Comparisons between it and the Graco aaa? Thanks.

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