Product of Interest: C2 SAP Sandable Acrylic Primer

Written by on September 25, 2011 in Products of Interest, Uncategorized with 10 Comments

C2 Sandable Acrylic PrimerThe fun (literally) never ends. Big thanks to Dan Frost of Frost Painting in Concord MA for hand delivering this to our shop last week. We are always interested in good primers. We’ll take it for a spin. Thanks Dan.

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  1. Clark says:

    This primer does what is says to do! With slight abrasion it will stick to oil! Fact, I have used this primer many times, and rely on it as well as the whole C2 line as my “top shelf” go to paint. It’s only adhesion issue is grease, hand grease around door knobs, or in kitchens, over old varnish it wasn’t the best, but still better then all other latex primers i’ve tried.

    SAP- Sandable Acrylic Primer. After applied can be sanded talc powder smooth. It is still latex, but the binders/adhesion in this stuff rock! Its has passed the thumb nail test, and tape adhesion test (once over oil) consistently. Our personal field testing… C2!

  2. Have you guys tried BM advance primer, All i can say is I’m in love, Sands really nice I would say is better than the premium underbody primer from BM

  3. Dean Veltman says:

    I have not shot the UMA over raw wood, not sure I would call it a high building primer though. Hard to say since I used it over sealed surfaces. It specs a 3.5 mil wet coat for a 1.0 mil dry film thickness,

  4. Was spraying easy sand SW oil primer today, and was thinking there has to be a WB replacement for a high build oil that sands this easily soon.

    I hope it does well. I will have to look at the xim Dean.

    • Tommy, have you tried Wall & Wood from SW? Its as good as any non oil primer I have used on wood. Dan Frost is a fellow Wood Snob, and he speaks very highly of this C2 so I am excited to check it out. Dan’s work with it has always impressed me.

  5. Dean Veltman says:

    We do not have c2 here, as far as I know. The xim we used while converting stained trim to painted. Powder much more than freshstart when sanded IMHO. Comparable to solvent primers when sanding, not as good as BIN or lacquer undercoater but very nicely. Too easy to use our usual wood filler for dings without having too much burn through on the primer when sanding.

  6. Dean Veltman says:

    I am always looking for a better trim primer. I did a midsize job with XIM UMA primer. That is the best sanding wb primer I have used so far. It really flows out on the spray as well. We sprayed doors offsite with it. Not sure if windows and door trim would want to run on overlap areas though.

    • Thanks, Dean. I have not used this C2 primer before, have you? I am really interested. We have used tons of BM Fresh Start, and SW Wall and Wood. Both are good. I am always open to better on wood primer though.

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