Kremlin Xcite Airmix Spray Gun

kremlinThere are alot of questions among paint contractors about air assisted spraying, and particularly, Kremlin Xcite Airmix. The first answer regarding Kremlin Airmix is that it is not your traditional air assisted airless system. It is unique Kremlin technology, and bears no real functional resemblance to air assisted airless spraying as we see it on other mfr platforms. The best way I can describe it in simple terms is that there is an “assist” of air happening at the tip, where air is mixed with fluid to form the spray pattern, but the entire pump system is not air “assisted”. It is more like completely air driven, or pneumatic.

Because Kremlin is not as commercially available at paint dealers in the US as other brands, and they are on the pricier end of the spectrum, contractors do have many questions about their pumps and guns. It is one of the more heavily searched and inquired topics on our site.

The Big Question:

kremlinOne of the recurring questions I have been getting from colleagues in the field about Airmix is whether or not it is fluent in waterborne and acrylic technologies. Obviously, we all know Kremlin’s history in fine finishes for automotive and manufacturing settings, but our questions as painters lie in the self serving reality of how Airmix might lay down our favorite products. So, I thought I would share a pre-review preview of it as we dialed settings for a waterborne clear project. During this process, we work backwords, first figuring out if the machine wants to pump the material unreduced, and then dialing down to see how fine we can go.

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Our review of the gun is based on many months with the Airmix system, and the gun review was done with the previous generation Kremlin 10.14 pump (more recently, we have transitioned to their newer, more powerful EOS pump, featured in the video above). There is no subsitute for spending real time with tools and learning how they plug into project based scenarios that come down the line. We have also run the Kremlin head to head with our paint grade air assisted flagship, the Graco 395 Finish Pro. You can’t keep those two in the same shop and NOT wonder certain things. Lots of stuff to share. A tool can be really cool, but if it doesn’t have a distinct quality or production value (ideally both), we don’t need it. We had to force ourselves to stop testing and gathering footage, and start getting the info compiled for release, which will include published review in American Painting Contractor magazine, and lots of youtube and blog footage to share.

If you have questions on this technology, please ask in the comment section below!

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  1. yj says:

    I’ve enjoyed your reviews over the years and have narrowed down my search to a couple machines. I currently own the Apollo 1050VR and like it but find it limiting for big jobs. I’m really interested in replacing it with either the (i) Kremlin pump and gun, or (ii) Graco FinishPro 395. You have previously said the 395 does most fine finish task well. If I went with the 395 over the Kremin system, could I get the same finish results for cabinets top coats using pre-cat conversion varnish? Thanks.

  2. rcon1 says:

    This is what i’ve been waiting for Scott!!

    I’d be interested to know if you’ve tested the G-15, and how that compares to the Xcite. I’d also be interested to know if the Xcite is compatible with the Graco pump (should be is my guess).

    From the video it appears the Xcite sprays much like the G15 – so really anxious to read your article in APC!!

    If you haven’t yet – give the G15 mod a try and let me know what you think.

    • Alec, Thanks for stopping by! I would say there is a very good chance that I will be releasing some info on the G15. Perhaps even a comparative piece between that and the xcite.

  3. Well you know I have my eyes on this system. Have you tried putting it to work in the field yet?

    • Actually no. All shop based testing. More like bringing stuff in from the field to do in the controlled environment for testing. It would be pretty easy to take out into the field though, just have to have your compressor with you. Its mostly just a question, for me, of what is out in the field that requires this level of finish (can’t be done with something I’d rather take out). Very portable though, and easy to set up/breakdown/clean.

  4. Really looking forward to more Scott.

  5. Rob says:

    I really like how you use a tool or product for a long time, can’t wait to see the footage and the full results. I have been thinking of expanding my spray arsenal.

    • Thanks Rob. In order to test and review a tool or product, you have to use it extensively. I always cringe when people just demo one from a rep, use it a little, post manufacturer specs, a quick opinion and call that a review. All of us as contractors make purchasing decisions based on research that we do. I try to put out thorough, timeline driven in the reviews I do for APC, and then provide all of the substantiation here to SHOW how we arrived at the review conclusions. It takes time, but its truly a labor of love!

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