3 Production Tips that make Erecta-Rack a Prefinishing Solution…

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Erecta-Rack…because space matters…


1600 lf of product on less than 50 sf of floor space…

The Erecta-Rack system has been a solid solution for us both in the shop and in the field when it comes to racking small, medium or large quantities of stock for drying and curing.

We have pushed the system beyond the manufacturers recommended load capacities, and there are a few techniques that make it possible to do this.

We have shown the system in use many times with racks assembled well beyond the stock 10 high configuration.

In order to do this safely, and minimize the risk of a collapse (any rack system CAN collapse if not used properly), it is important to:

1. Always use the support struts at the base of each stack. They are labeled left and right, and friction fit right into the system with ergonomical rubber connections (as shown in photo above). Any time you stack to level 7, install the struts all the way around.

2. For stock that is longer than 8-10 feet, it is a very good idea to do triple stacks (as shown in photo above). By doing this, you are supporting the center of the material on the rack, which keeps the material from sagging or bowing as it dries. Structurally, this prevents material flex, which can lead to rack wobble. Which can lead to collapse.

3. Here is a new one that our shop spray tech, Todd, discovered. When stacking the system, when you get to stackable block #7 and install the support struts, apply block #8 OVER the support strut connection at the cross bars. This way, the block captures the connection between strut and crossbar, preventing the possibility for the strut to be able to move at either end, and creating a much more stable connection. Just make sure the rubber connection at the base of the unit at the floor is snug.

Here’s how it should look:

block capturing struts

Most structurally sound assembly

On a triple stack configuration, as shown, if you follow these 3 simple steps, you can safely exceed 10 bars in height, and further maximize your use of floor space both in the shop and on the job.

For those who may have missed it, here is our Erecta-Rack Review, as it appeared in American Painting Contractor magazine in January 2011.

Are you an Erecta-Rack user? How are you liking the system?

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