Xtend & Climb 785P Telescoping Ladder Review

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Telescoping ladderOur review of the Xtend & Climb 785P telescoping ladder appeared in the July 2011 issue of American Painting Contractor magazine.

While this tool is kind of diy-ish, it is most definitely worth the space it will occupy when not in use in order to capitalize on the space it doesn’t take up when being mobilized for use. Sort of in the spirit of the Werner Telescoping ladder, but without the multi-functionality. But still, the ability to pack an extension ladder in the backseat has a definite appeal.

Make sense?

If you get sick of strapping ladders to roof racks, this is a great option for occasional use. Especially in the winter. We all know that at the end of a project, one of the last bits of salt in the wound is the loadout, especially the cumbersome and heavy items such as ladders. Sometimes “grab and go” is the best option! Most of us will take convenience every time, or at least give it a good, hard look.

One of the most common reasons we usually need to bring an extension ladder in on an interior repaint is for the stair way. In addition to ease of transport, the adjustability of this ladder enhances the convenience factors for sure.

Ladder Safety Tips

As always, remember safety first with ladders, even when working on interior paint projects. Floors can be slippery and ladders can slide. If you do not feel comfortable ascending the ladder, ask someone to stand on the bottom rung (called “footing” the ladder) while you are on it. Use a hook on your paint can to attach it to the ladder so that you have full use of your hands while on the ladder. Be especially careful when coming down the ladder as well. Most accidents happen when people get too comfortable on ladders.

The Xtend & Climb telescoping ladder is available at Sherwin Williams.

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  1. Stan Williams says:

    I have used mine now for 6 years and have n o complaint. It has gotten a little harder to extend and the last closure buttons are hard to push. I’ve tried WD40 on the metal parts, but still hard to open completely. Does anyone have a suggestion for lubricating the telescoping sections and the push tabs to close?

  2. Tony P says:

    Couldn’t resist chiming in on this one. I swear by mine. I have the blue one that extends to 21′. That in combination with the wedge shaped Pivot are the key to MOST 2 story stairwell/entry/foyer. My trinity is those plus the 21′ Werner Little Giant. All 3 fit into a small car. They may seem expensive but they are well worth it- for stairwells especially. * Wrap a shower towel around the top rung with some tape so that the plastic corners do not cause indentations in the drywall.

  3. Ty Miller says:

    Great write up. I do a little painting on the side, but I mostly work full time as a home inspector. I use the Extend A Step that I bought for $150. Came with a free bag.

  4. I’ve been looking at these everytime I go in to our Sherwin William’s.I believe the weight limit is 250 pounds. Which should be fine for most of our painters. I will probably pick up a couple next week for a test run.

  5. Dean Veltman says:

    I just picked up this ladder today. I got sick of needing the little giant for a small touch up job or for an estimate and finding out the little giant was in the crew truck. This fits in my Ford Escape much better than even the little giant and is easier to use.

    • It is a handy one, Dean. It won’t replace your Little Giant, but its a convenient supplement for exactly the types of situations your described. Every square foot saved is huge.

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