Spraying BM Arborcoat with a ProShot Fine Finish

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat stain is getting lots of application time with our crew on the log home restoration project we have been working on, and in this episode we run it through a Graco ProShot Fine Finish.

In the spirit of two birds, one stone, I have been wanting to check Arborcoat through a sprayer just in a ‘get to know you’ kind of way, and a colleague on one of the forums asked if I could show the benefit of using the ProShot Fine Finish on rail systems. So its two products in action with the value question of: How many man hours of manual work can this save?

So, here it is…Arborcoat sprayed on rail systems.


All ProShots come in a molded case like this.

The video is less than a one minute excerpt of the rail spray task, but in that short time frame you can see two sections of rail spindles being sprayed on two sides, as well as the bottom rail – in about 51 seconds! After a couple of sections using this approach, I hopped around to the outside of the rail and sprayed the opposite two edges of each spindle, the outside of bottom rail and the whole top rail and posts. There is over 90 feet of rail, and I didn’t have time to count all the spindles.

You can see in the video that the Arborcoat atomized and sprayed well. No runs or sags, and I didn’t even carry a brush and didn’t need one. The ProShot Fine Finish was set on high motor speed but only about half on the pressure control. This gave good material flow with low pressure, pleasant atomization and minimal overspray. I used a 208 for this task, which felt perfect. It was pretty much cruise control. I used 5 quarts of Arborcoat. For anyone inclined to use this method, I recommend having multiple batteries on hand, fully charged, swap them out each time you refill the cup. Also, pull the tip, dunk it in some soapy water and give it a little tooth brush love once in a while. Arborcoat is waterborne and dries really quick.

We now have a new production rate for Arborcoat via ProShot Fine Finish on exterior rails. As you can see in the video, its rather efficient. Put it this way, two of my guys were on this project working on other parts of the house while I sprayed today. They did the math on how long it took me using this method versus how long it would have taken them to tag team the rail system by brush. It’s a bit startling. And this is how tools pay for themselves.

Throw down a comment if you have had a chance to spray or are curious about spraying Benjamin Moore Arborcoat.

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  1. Bill in Oregon says:

    Scott, I’m a novice and if you could say which tip you are using with each particular coating and sprayer I would be very grateful.

  2. Jesse Smith says:

    Mark, I am considering using BM Arborcoat in a Solid, almost white color, to paint my rails. Would that work with the sprayer as well?

    Thanks, Jesse

  3. MAK says:

    Which arbor coat was that? transparent? semi? etc. and as for being quicker than two guys brushing, are you getting the same saturation as you would with a brush?

    • Hey Mark, it’s transparent cedar, and gets the clear on top. The fine finish ps atomizes really well so it grabs the wood and penetrates without running. The wood was stripped and sanded so it was very open. In the process of hitting the spindles from different angles, you basically get a wet on wet effect and good saturation. I hit the horizontal top and bottom rails with an extra pass to make sure they are loaded. It’s a good system and the labor savings is huge.

  4. Rob says:

    I’d like to try the Arborcoat, I usually use SW Woodscapes or Superdeck, any problems using those with it? I have a similar project coming up and I might be able to slip the Graco past the bookkeeper, she has been pretty preoccupied!

    • All those materials would run just fine in the PS. Or the ff. Shouldn’t be too hard to demonstrate the value to your bookkeeper. We are all looking for ways to reduce labor intensive tasks, which translates to profit, which bookkeepers love!

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