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"Eco" from Fine Paints of Europe

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Would you believe me if I told you it was possible to have ultra high quality oil modified waterborne primers and paints that were rated for both interior and exterior applications? I’m not kidding. Read on!

Friends, colleagues and readers of my writing know pretty well at this point that I am very interested in oil modified technologies. My love affair with Zar Ultramax has been highly visible for the past few years, and that match has really caused me to crave similar working attributes and levels of finish in other product technologies. And most importantly, products that don’t make myself and my employees feel sick.

I had the great pleasure in May of this year to discuss finishes at a rather deep and interesting level with the folks behind the scenes at Fine Paints of Europe. As is often the case in discussions with manufacturers, I was impressed with the passion and intensity of their pursuits in developing better finishes. These days, “better” means more than just getting a nice finish. Lots of products in a wide range of price points can do that. What I am getting more and more fired up about is products that are easy to use. I mean that in more than just the sense of open time. I am referring to the entire sensory experience of spreading large quantities of primer and paint in shop and field settings.

That being said, Fine Paints of Europe has a line of paints and primers called Eco that is of great interest to me, and it may be to you too if you share any of these sentiments.

From the FPE website:

ECO is an exciting departure from the paint making technology of the past. It is a durable, modern, water-thinnable coating, which combines the best features of both acrylic and alkyd formulations. ECO offers the ease of application, weather resistance and easy clean-up associated with first-quality waterborne coatings while providing the enhanced adhesion, opacity and beautiful finish associated with traditional solventborne paints of a classic oil-based finish.

I have high hopes for Eco and will be exploring it further, both in the shop and field. Stay tuned for updates on it.

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  1. I’ll let someone else ask about the VOC’s, i want to hear more about the behind the scenes at FPOE! I think it is great to see manufacturers working with painting contractors like this, look forward to hearing more!

    • Basically, just cool to see the level of interest they have in fine finishes. When a manufacturer uses automotive type finishes as a benchmark, its a really good sign!

  2. I can’t wait for someone to ask about voc’s. But I will.

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