Product of Interest: Kremlin Xcite AIRMIX System Review

Kremilin Xcite Airmix

Kremlin Xcite Airmix gun and 10.14 pump

Read our Kremlin system review!

This is a system we spent a l0t of time getting to know, and the Kremlin has stuck around in our cabinet finishing shop since we reviewed it. In the spirit of raising the bar, and wanting dedicated equipment for different product types (solvents, waterbornes, etc.), we’ve been exploring this exciting (yup, pun) combo of pump and gun.

We jumped this system through many hoops before compiling the final review, and our Kremlin test footage is popular with our readers. We enjoy sharing what this technology means to paint contractors from a functional standpoint.

If you are a paint contractor or woodworker/cabinet finisher with Kremlin experience to share, drop a line or two in the comment section below. It is important to us to archive as many opinions and experiences as possible.

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  1. Kremlin Xcite Airmix Spray Gun | topcoatreview | September 10, 2011
  1. Mike Winterboer says:

    Hi Scott
    I am at the point of getting an AAA system for cabinets and built ins. I use WB clears. I have read all I can find about the Graco 395 Finish Pro but can’t find much on the Kremlin Airmix. This is a major investment and I want the system that gives me the best finish with the least problems. I am looking for advice between the Graco and the Kremlin. Also is the G15 Graco gun working better than the G40 with the Graco 395 Finish Pro.

    Thank you for you help!
    Mike Winterboer

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Mike

      Not sure if you have read my Airmix review which is in the current issue of APC, posted on the homepage of this blog (click on the apc magazine cover). That gives the lowdown on the Airmix system. By way of comparison with the 395, they are really two different types of machines. The Kremlin, to me, is more of a shop based specialist. The 395 is diverse in the sense that it can be run in straight airless mode, or air assisted mode, covering a finishing range of everything from spraying drywall with latex primer to spraying clears on cabinets. It can do it all and do it well. If you get that machine, you should consider getting the G15 gun as well as the stock G40. The G15 is better in lower pressure ranges and would be ideal for wb clears. It really depends whether you want a specialist or a generalist that does it all well. Making the decision based on how you think you will use it, you cant go wrong with either rig.

  2. Hurry up Scooter. 🙂 I keep seeing teasers in my social feeds, and its cruel.

  3. Tommy,

    We’ve been testing all the sprayers this year with variety in bases. Its funny, the local cabinet shop finishers use Kremlin and they all avoid waterborne like the plague. So, of course I had to run them. Some units just don’t do well with them, so its a good measure, especially when the 395 has been such a great benchmark for us in those products.

  4. I can’t wait for this one Scott. You know I have been waiting for this review for some time as I have been looking at this set up for myself.

    I assume you were using wb and acrylics for your testing.

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