Graco 9.5 HVLP

Graco 9.5 HVLP

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In a previous post, I discussed a recent spray shop project and why I chose to use the Graco 9.5 HVLP instead of the cordless ProShot Fine Finish. The proof on sprayed finishes is in the pudding, and the pudding is how the sprayed items integrate into the finish scheme of the home.

While the shelf units were sprayed with oil based enamel via HVLP, the entry door to the pantry, along with the other 23 doors in the house, was sprayed with the 395 air assisted airless using waterborne trim paint.

Seamless blending of different products and material delivery systems, is a fun part of the art of painting custom new homes. In other words, you have to know which products, delivered by which systems, can result in the best blend of performance and aesthetics.

Graco 9.5 HVLP

Graco 9.5 HVLP with gravity cup conversion.


The Graco 9.5 HVLP comes in very handy on custom interior work where this level of finish interplay is a high consideration, and is equally competent in paint grade or stain/clear.

It is mobile and robust enough to travel to jobs regularly, but refined enough to hold court in the shop as well.


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  1. Graco Edge Gun and 9.5 Turboforce HVLP : Topcoat Review | May 21, 2013
  1. Rocky says:

    Your reviews of the Graco where done a few years ago but are still relevant today and helped me with my purchase. Got it the other day and waiting for the carpenters to finish up so I can start on my cabinet job. How is yours still holding up in the shop?

  2. Bruce Hand says:

    I’m not one to spray latex, I use M.L. Cambell Aqualente Pigmented WB Lacquer. Dries and recoats in 30 mins and more durable then latex
    A pro finish!

  3. Jim Taylor says:

    Your reviews of the Graco where done a few years ago but are still relevant today and helped me with my purchase. Got it the other day and waiting for the carpenters to finish up so I can start on my cabinet job. How is yours still holding up in the shop?

  4. Ron Taylor says:

    Scott, how do you get on with the gun supplied with the Turboforce? I’m not keen on it at all. The finish is fine but I just don’t like the new arrangement at the horns of the gun to get spray pattern.
    I use the mini compressor add on that Graco make for the Turboforce with the pressure pot. This coupled with the gun from my old 4900 HVLP makes for an easier spraying experience, for me anyway.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Ron

      As a general shop project rig, and also a good “grab and go to a project” rig, I think its good, suitable for most situations. It depends on volume. If I was running tons of hvlp, it might be worth a closer look at it. Usually when I use it, I am thinking about the difference in efficiency in using the tools, and the Edge gun has done well for us in that area, keeping in mind that when and hvlp project goes beyond so many quarts, it is probably not going to be a hvlp project anymore.

  5. aerobott says:

    Yeah, in fact I just talked to a Graco field rep after mentioing the nice this site has to offer and I think that’s what I can afford to start with. I’d like the FP 395, but this is good entry point for me. I’ll have room to grow. Thanks again.

  6. aerobott says:

    After going back and forth, I had the Ultra 395 mixed up with the Finish Pro 395. Even that I have some properties to spray, that might be more pump than I need. Can I get by with the Ultra?

  7. aerobott says:

    Ah, I see what you mean. If I read the specs correct, you can use the AA330 or G40 gun for volume spraying, and the HVLP Edge gun for small quantity spraying. If that’s the case, I like the 395 option.

  8. aerobott says:

    I did read up on the 9.5 and it looks like it would fit my fine finishing needs. Initially I didn’t see that it could handle Latex, but after checking the 9.5 out on the Graco website, the unit can handle latex. I don’t need multi-unit capability, just the occasional wall or room. The quart size cup would be an issue though, even for a room.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Aero, if I had to choose one machine technology that would cover ALL the bases for me at a very high level, never being caught short, it would be air assisted airless, such at the 395 finish pro that is reviewed on this site under the Sprayers/aaa section. It’s an investment, but does pay for itself.

  9. Archer says:

    One thing I don’t quite follow, if there are different tips such like FF tip loaded on airless spray, what’s the different with HVLP? Just efficience? I mean, HVLP just avoid of waste paint in the air?

    If dozens of doors and trims together on the field, need a final coat fine finish, use a ultra395 with FF tips, I think would jump off the limitation of the quart cup on hvlp, of course will cost more paint, but quick.

    What do you think GPB?

    • I agree that the quart size of Hvlp is too limiting for alot of situations. Hvlp rated guns have much higher transfer efficiency than airless with ff tip. The best of both worlds is air assisted, like the 395 finish pro, which puts an Hvlp rated gun on the volume of a 395 pump.

  10. Craig,
    Thanks for the comment. Your solution sure would have been a simple and desirable way to go. Unfortunately, we had to deliver according to the specs for the project. They don’t always make the most sense from a practical standpoint. Do you spray alot of ProClassic in your 395?

  11. Beautiful, and highly durable Satin Impervo. Its a timeless finish, and the Graco Turboforce 9.5 looks like a winner.

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