Sherwin Williams Wall and Wood Latex Primer on Poplar

Sherwin Williams Wall and Wood

Wall and Wood on new stairs…

Sherwin Williams Wall and Wood Primer

Poplar is a challenging wood species for interior trim priming and painting because it has a rather pronounced grain pattern, both in visual and tactile ways, as well as having odd color variations in the grain patterns at times. For paint contractors who work in new construction, it is a very common and at times frustrating species of wood to paint, especially when in the prep and prime stage of getting it ready for finish coats. Sherwin Williams Wall and Wood Primer provides good solutions across the board.

One primer that solves the issues of poplar quite handily is Sherwin Williams Premium Wall and Wood Interior Latex (B28W8111). This product is on the thick side, and fast drying – 30 minutes to touch, two hours to sand and recoat. While typically the job of primer is to seal more than cover, there are situations where solid coverage out of primer is a desirable added quality. For a thick, fast drying primer, Sherwin Williams Wall and Wood is actually quite user friendly. It doesnt gum up or drag, it just dries. And if you go over an already dry section, because the initial coat is so solid, it doesn’t flash or give a double coat effect like some competitive lines that are less solid. With other latex or acrylics, the double coat effect is dramatic, with this it is negligible. Low frustration factor here.

We have used Wall and Wood on a couple of recent project trim packages, and we like the working characteristics. In addition to drying in a timely manner, it sands to powder, and can be power sanded without surface burn through or gumming up abrasives. The smooth sanded base coat is nice to paint over, delivering insurance of sheen consistency in the topcoats. I personally have been priming raw poplar stair risers and stringers with it lately, and if we gave thumbs up around here, I’d throw up two for this primer.

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  1. mick sclafani says:

    How is SW Wall and Wood Primer to be applied with what kind of brush, rooler, etc… Trim door molding and base molding. Having a heck of a time with it guming up.


    • Mick

      I use a 2″ or 2.5″ Purdy angle sash. You can add fluotrol if needed. It’s a quick dryer but has a decent amount of open working time. Shake and stir really well too.

  2. Doug says:

    It’s great to get a product recommendation from someone who has used the product – thanks!


  3. Dan Frost says:


    Interesting, I’m not familiar with the SW product line, but very familiar with poplar trim. We use two coats of C2 (The Coatings Alliance) latex 100% acrylic undercoater 2010. It dries very quickly, covers really well, and when sanded performs like an alkyd underbody. Standard practice for us is two coats of undercoater primer and two coats of finish. My supplier in West Concord would like to send you a quart to test. Interested?

    • Dan

      Hard to believe that just a few hours of travel time puts us in a different enough region where my response to you is: “I have heard great things about C2, but its not locally available.” Yes, I would love to try it. And I agree, the 4 coat system is best for high end trim on new construction!

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