Do Manufacturers Listen to Paint Contractors?


Whoever said that manufacturers don’t listen to painters was wrong.

Topcoat Review can’t really speak for anyone else, but we sure do hear plenty of scuttle butt around the internet about how manufacturers in the paint industry don’t care what contractors think about their products. You can’t hardly throw a dart in a paint forum these days without bullseyeing on yet another down on his luck contractor with everyone to blame but himself…and manufacturers somehow find their way to the top of that list pretty easily, because they are perceived as continuing to raise product prices in spite of a soft market for contractors.

Meanwhile, we are observing more and more examples of manufacturers not only seeking out contractor voices, but actually sharing what contractors have to say.

Here are a few examples…

KILZ quotes TcR’s own Scott Burt in a Press Release

Graco quotes Contractors in ProShot Brochure

Scott Burt’s APC ProShot Review Shared on Graco Website

Painter/Educator Todd Pudvar named to APC 2013 Editorial Advisory Board

APC Advisor








Manufacturers are not evil empires. They are large companies, but comprised of good, down to earth people in many cases. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to know many manufacturers at the corporate level. We find that they are definitely listening to the paint contracting segment.

What do you have to say?

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