Screened Porch Wood Restoration – Lake Champlain

fir ceilingIn the spirit of our custom exterior services for exotic natural wood species, Topcoat employees John and Sam recently completed a very special lakeside octagon screened porch ceiling restoration. The eight sections of the ceiling culminate in a single point in the peak, from which is mounted a ceiling fan. The ceiling material is fir beadboard that was installed raw when the home was built 14 years ago, and had weathered through all seasons in the porch by the lake. The fir was very dried out, mildewed, had endured a bird collision or two, and was generally tired. The floor is blue slate stone, the interior is heavily trimmed in layers of green painted trim with large screen panels, all of which created a degree of difficulty for the task at hand.

After heavily protecting all lower surfaces, the guys set up a Biljax staging tower into the peak, supplemented by a baker unit for the perimeter. They carefully removed the blades from the ceiling fan and protected the motor base. Once the setup was safe and protection was double checked, they washed the ceiling with a mildew removal chemical, and rinsed thoroughly, reapplying as needed. They allowed nearly a week for the ceiling to dry and the porch to air out, then returned to sand and vacuum the ceiling as the final prep stage before finish application, which was a clear penetrating oil, intended to allow the natural beauty of the wood to be the focal point. Thanks to John and Sam for a job well done, and our client is tickled with the result, which was conveniently completed and aired out in advance of Memorial Day – the official start of summer on the Lake.

We are fortunate to be frequently challenged by complex problems that require innovative solutions in our projects, because it creates constant opportunities for us to explore the ways in which products and processes impact the jobs that we do at Topcoat Finishes. And it creates plenty of test and review opportunities to be written about. If you have a special property that requires some special care, we encourage you to get it done Topcoat style.

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  1. Dennis in VA says:

    Scott, Would it be possible to re-post the pics of the fir porch ceiling or email them to me. The slide show link is not working. We are just about to put up a new fir bead board ceiling in our front porch and looking for finishing ideas. We are not sure whether to apply a clear, stain it or paint it. What product did you use on this porch?

  2. Scott I hope you realize how fortunate you are to work on homes with such impressive craftsmanship. So many new “custom” homes now don’t have any, and its sad to see.

    • Thanks Tommy. Yes, that is not lost on us at all. It took us alot of years to grow Topcoat into the position of earning that work, and then building our business around it. All of our guys appreciate the locations, the styles and levels of detail are exceptional and that keep us motivated to always be improving our end of the process.

  3. Dan Frost says:

    Scott: I am continuely impressed with not only the work you do at Topcoat, but the presentation of that work through the your reporting and blogging. Kudos, keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks Chris and Nathan. I appreciate your thoughts.

  5. Seriously beautiful. What some might not understand about a restoration like this.. it takes years and years of fine tuning your craft to be able to take a weathered wood, and bring back it’s natural beauty. You guys did a great job. I am sure the homeowner was both amazed and very glad they chose Topcoat to do the work.

    Great job Topcoat! Work like this makes me proud to be in the trade. Knowing others put their pride and experience into their work.. it is both inspiring and reassuring that our trade is not dead. Kudos guys.. keep up the good work!

    Nathan Deneault
    Atlas Coatings & Construction

  6. Chris Haught says:

    Very nice work by Topcoat staff, guys like John and Sam are invaluable!

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