ProShot Small Project Sequel


Graco ProShot and Erecta-Rack

The results are in on our ProShot kitchen cabinet spraying project. The prime coat laid down so nicely out of the ProShot that we decided to run it on the finish coats as well. The ProShot will work for this type of task, and there is definitely a gain in efficiency because you have no choice but to be moving fast with the unit. The flow of material is high, so the burden is completely upon the operator to quickly find the proper pace to move for the desired coating thickness.

Here, the doors and shelves are resting peacefully on the Erecta-Rack, and will stay there for a couple of days of climate controlled cure time before transport and installation on site. Selection of sprayer and drying method is critical to developing efficient systems for shop based finishing. The combination of ProShot and Erecta-Rack worked really well for this task.

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  1. Scott do you have a fresh supply of new ones to take pictures with? 😛

  2. Dan Frost says:

    Hey Scott,

    I love reading about your work-great stuff! I have to ask, how do you keep your Proshot so clean!!!! Also, climate control shop? Do you have a separate drying room?

    • Thanks Dan. Thats a newer ProShot. Our older one is much more worn. We do clean thoroughly though, with warm soapy water. We’ve considered waxing the skin. 🙂 The climate control is somewhat rudimentary. We have an 800 cfm exhaust fan for air exchange, which removes the moisture from the spray room just after spraying, its prefiltered to catch mist and keep it out of the unit. The building is very well insulated, and we keep the windows closed so external air can’t enter, especially during cure times, and we run fans through the racks and over anything left out on stickers in the spray line. This is what we have been doing with it, but we have 2-3 serious upgrades in mind for the space in order to create better air conditions in all seasons. Most recently, we upgraded the ligthing in the spray area, which was a huge improvement.

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