Fir Porch Floor Restoration


Can’t say it enough…pressure washing is such a cool service to integrate into a paint contracting company. Today, we brought back to life a rather tired old tongue and groove porch floor in Burlington. We will be restoring this porch over the course of the next week.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like summer.

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  1. Matt says:

    Scott, what range psi would you recommend if cleaning fence boards as opposed to deck boards? Do you feel like a garden hose would provide sufficient pressure in this case? Also, what system do you typically employ to protect flower gardens adjacent to target surfaces?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Matt, 800-1200 should do on that. Garden hose is probably not quite enough unless you have a really good chem package and can saturate the wood and rinse while still wet. I’d go pw. The best protection is to wet down the area thoroughly, rewetting constantly and make sure the chems aren’t too harsh.

      • Matt says:

        Scott, thanks for the reply. I was planning on using BM’s Multi Purpose Clean, which I believe is more potent than just a bleach solution, correct? I want to manage runoff properly. Do you ever cover soil or plants with sheeting of some kind, or do you find that constant re-wetting of ground and surfaces is sufficient?

        • Scott Burt says:

          I haven’t used the BM cleaner. I would use a brightener and neutralizer combo. We do not cover vegetation because that creates a greenhouse effect which can shock and burn them. Just keep them wet and it should be fine.

  2. Dan Frost says:

    Scott: Great photos, What was the process? Cleaners, brighteners, etc. and then what product will you finish with?


    • Dan, thanks, two step chem process using sodium hypochlorite on the front end and then a citralic neutralizer/brightener, both applied by pump sprayer and allowed to dwell for a good 20 minutes. The machine was low pressure (800-ish) and we will do a light sand to smooth off the fir prior to oil application, which will be our deck go to, Penofin Marine Grade. We will also be painting the columns, rail and perimeter riser trim, so it will be a really nice improvement. Porches and decks are such cool outdoor living spaces, I enjoy making them as nice as they can be for customers.

      • Susan says:

        We are replacing our depilated front porch with reclaimed old growth T&G fir flooring. You recommended Penofin marine grade oil in this article but said you no longer use it because it has a tendency to blacken in wet, shady areas. I live in the PNW. Definitely wet and shady. Is there another product you would recommend? I want to do it right so the first time!

  3. I personally don’t like Fir for decks/outdoor building material. You took a material that is IMO not worthy of being put on a house, and made it look REALLY good. Kudos Topcoat!

    • I’m not a huge fan of t&g for floors with exposure, but I love fir. It is a beautiful and resilient species. It may be a regional thing, but we see it alot, especially on formal elements like custom front doors. We spar them in that case. Thanks for the compliment, Nathan. It is a fun project.

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