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Big thanks to all who entered our first blog competition. Today was the deadline, so the field is set. Darren Slaughter is busy reviewing the entries, and as the person administering the event, I think the quality of entries is very high.

I have learned alot during the past month of promoting the Shootout. As many of you know, I am a blog and social media activist, and very adroit with Google…to the extent that Google researching can become a chronic preoccupation. I have seen hundreds of paint contractor websites and blogs. Darren has as well, in his capacity as a consultant to contractors. Probably the most interesting finding has been that it is a small minority of contractor blogs that are creating and publishing original, quality content for its own sake. By that I mean, the majority of blogs are being used as seo formalities. Hail Mary’s for sales, and the quality of the content is at times laughable when the only goal is to get your phone number in front of as many people as possible. Well guess what? Most people can read. And they can detect junky, informercially content. THAT is what makes the entries in our blog contest unique. The quality of being unique as a contractor is an immediate point of differentiation from the competition. It has also been really cool to see entries come in from paint related fields such as carpentry and faux finishing. Personally, I enjoy seeing and reading content from any finish related field, because the crossover between fields creates a common bond for sharing, which is what this is all about.

On that note, a cool new resource came to life as a result of bloggers meeting up here and elsewhere during the past month. A group of paint contracting bloggers are in the early, but so far rather impressive stages, of putting together a blog networking resource for contractors in finish related fields. This resource is administered by little Miss Social Media herself, Chris Haught, and will be supported by and most every other entity that Chris has inspired.

So, lots of cool blog stuff going on. Again, much respect for those pros who are creating and sharing quality content for its own sake. That is what professional education is all about, and it expands vertically and horizontally with the online capacities we all have for give and take of what we are learning as professionals. Through all of this, I think we are seeing the next up and coming finish bloggers right here, right now, and that is exciting.

Oh yah, winners of the Shootout will be announced tomorrow, June 16 by 7:00 pm eastern standard time!



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  1. Chris Haught says:

    And look where we are now!

  2. The Blogging Painters says:

    Is it 7:00 yet?:)

  3. The Blogging Painters says:

    Great Post Scott! I agree with your comments about the content of most blogs out there, that is what makes the new blogs we are seeing so exciting. The difference is the content that the authors are submitting, because they are passionate about what they are writing about and it comes through. I am looking forward to seeing more entries from our members!

  4. Great post Scott!

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