Paint Contractors and Marketing: Eggs and Baskets

Written by on May 29, 2011 in Business Strategies, Publications, Uncategorized with 4 Comments

**Click: Paint Contractors and Marketing (2010)

The above linked article is a time capsule piece that I wrote 18 months ago and was published in APC magazine, discussing marketing strategies for paint contractors. It’s been funny that way, the last few years. I frequently go back into the archives in times of reflection and read. Old articles are bookmarks of days past. Sometimes, conditions change dramatically over the course of many months, improve or deteriorate, and sometimes they just stay the same.

Where do you stand?



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4 Reader Comments

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  1. Dan Frost says:

    Great article on marketing-seems to cover all the bases. I really like the eggs in the birds nest picture!!! While I believe in all the “webology” devices for a marketing presence-I still believe in the “last and present client” to be the most effective marketing tool throught the old fashioned “word of mouth marketing.” When a client really likes your services and is comfortable with your crew in their domain, they will spread the word like wild fire when prompted with a “do you have friends or family that my be interested in our services?”

    • Dan

      That nest was actually located on our pressure washing hoses, which were hanging on the back of our shop last year! You are right, there is nothing that will ever replace word of mouth and reputation as the most pure forms of marketing. To me, all else is just supportive marketing.

  2. And especially nice when those resources do a bunch of the talking for us. When making home improvement purchase decisions, people do their research. By providing valid online info, it saves the client and the contractor time in “discovery” during the initial meeting.

  3. Chris Haught says:

    Solid advice then, as well as now! It is nice to have a variety of media/resources to pull from when talking to a potential customer.

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