Graco ProShot Fine Finish Cordless Sprayer Review (2011)

Graco ProShot Fine Finish

Read our ProShot Fine Finish Review as it appeared in print publication in 2011 in APC magazine.

We have worked extensively with the Graco handheld cordless sprayers for several years in their developmental and testing phases, resulting in several print publication full reviews of these tools. The link at the top of this page piece is our review of the ProShot Fine Finish model, which was published in the March 2011 issue of American Painting Contractor magazine.

We provide ongoing updates about the original ProShot model, which we have been using for 3 years now. We will continue sharing information about our experiences with the ProShot as it ages further into its lifespan.

Click HERE to view our ongoing ProShot test footage videos.

We consider these cordless sprayers to be slightly higher maintenance than the average airless or hvlp, simply due to the condensed (to the palm of your hand) technology. If you have questions about how to get the most out of your ProShot, or specific experiences with the ProShot Fine Finish, please comment below.



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  1. George Leavitt says:

    Have you used it to spray shellac?
    I have a lot of cabinets to shellac.

  2. Bruce says:


    I just got my proshot, out of the box. Spraying for the first time yesterday, what bothered me was the amount of material being shot. I looked for a material control valve but other than the pressure dial on the side of the gun I found none, yet. What am I missing? Wrong tip size?

    • Bruce says:

      I should add that TOO much material was being shot, and I wanted to be able to control that.

      • Scott Burt says:

        Bruce, one more thing, the Proshots ship with about a 515 tip, which is gigantic. Go to your local Sherwin Williams and get some smaller tips for it. 515 puts out way too much material for most applications, and I have suggested to Graco that its not the best size to ship with the units. That said, its good to have a selection for different types of tasks.

    • Scott Burt says:

      Bruce, is it a ProShot II? If so, there is a pressure control on the side. If you somehow have an older, first generation ProShot, there is no pressure control, so you have to compensate in your own pace and distance from target. You mentioned a pressure dial on the side of the gun, which suggests to me that you have a ProShot II. Turn the pressure down, and experiment (as above) with pace and distance from target. If you are coming from a hvlp or lower pressure background, this unit will seem to be very aggressive, but it is simply a matter of adjusting your spraying techique to find the sweet spot. Start on horizontal materials first to figure it out, then go to vertical cardboard spray patterns. Let me know how it goes.

  3. Chris burke says:

    I need to shoot waterborne poly on large colums, i have faux marbled(25′). Would the fine finish sprayer work for me. I also have cabinets i do, shellac, then latex base and at end poly. Would love to start sprayn, but have lil experience..

  4. ashly says:

    I love the idea of being able to shoot things like stains and lacquers with this type of tool, but are you indicating that it can also handle a product like Sherwin Williams ProClassic?

    • Scott Burt says:

      For sure, Ashly. On our youtube channel (and embedded in some of the articles here on the site), we have lots of footage shooting waterbornes like SW Cashmere and BM wb Impervo. ProClassic falls right in that same viscosity range. Works well. And the new generations of Proshots seem to keep getting better.

  5. steve says:

    hello iam having issues with my proshot cordless. it doesnt seem to hold presure, iam thinking that the o rings are worn do you have any idea where i person can buy replacements, any help would be awesome


  6. jake davidson says:

    Ive been using a proshot fine finish and it started having trouble around 30 gal of use. Also had some issues with shooting SW Alkyds even after thinning slightly. After cleaning with mineral spirits and lacquer thinner there have been issues with the white ring and black orings sealing properly. Have you had any issues like this? If so do you know of any effective trouble shooting for these issues.

    • Jake, thanks for the comment. There are some quirks in the day to day ins and outs of using these hard. I have had a few requests to put together a ProShot maintenance post or series, which I will definitely be doing.

      • We had a meeting today in which we did a little bit of problem solving and narrowed down to what we believe to be the critical areas for PS maintenance. It would be safe to say that we will be able to put something together in the very near future that we hope to be both preventive and also remedial for PS owners who are experiencing problems. Thanks for your patience.

  7. shamtest says:

    I can’t seem to look at this post from my droid!

  8. It’s a labor of love.

  9. Chris Haught says:

    Thanks for keeping us up to date with the latest and greatest products to use on the job!

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