Graco ProShot Fine Finish

Product Review: Graco ProShot Fine Finish Sprayer

ProShot Fine Finish in a room full of doors, at less than 30 seconds per side.



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  1. kim lazare says:

    Question, I need to spray small stenciled images aprox.
    1×3 inches repeated 100 plus times. can I control the
    volume of paint and spray pressure, to limit blow buy
    on the stencil ? Thanks for your response

    • Scott Burt says:

      Kim, the ProShot Fine Finish would not be very good for this task. It is too powerful and would not deliver the type of small fan pattern you are seeking. There are hvlp units that can shoot a small circle pattern at very low pressure that would be ideal.

  2. Vickie Daniel says:

    Can you use this to spray Latex Paint?

    • Scott Burt says:


      • Vickie Daniel says:

        Does the Latex need to be thinned? If so, do you have a suggestion of what to use and how much?

        • Scott Burt says:

          Some of that will depend on your technique, accuracy and comfort level with the gun. It will depend on the product as well. In general, I would say its not necessary to thin, but there are times (based on the variables above) where its not a bad idea. You could thin with water. In the gun (quart) cup, start conservative, like less than the size of a shot glass.

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