Sherwin Williams ArmorSeal Epoxy Coating

Just over a year ago, my paint contracting company prepped and finished a 4500 sf concrete floor in a warehouse for a bread distribution company. Recently, at the one year mark, I went back to inspect the floor to see how it was holding up to fork lift, hand trucks, foot traffic and the hundreds of pallets that get slid around on it daily.

I wish I had more thumbs to give thumbs up to the ArmorSeal epoxy coating we used. The floor had a base coat of gray, yellow grids with stenciled letters for shipping/receiving locations, and a white perimeter safety band. I could not be more impressed with how this floor is holding up to the industrial traffic it is exposed to daily.

ArmourSeal is a hardcore coating that I would not recommend for use by do it yourselfers. There are other suitable products for residential concrete coatings, but for contractors who need to know that the product is as badass as can be, this is a good one. As always, prep is the key, proper mixing, follow the spec sheet for sweat ins and pot life, and without a doubt, wear respirators!

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  1. Michael Pombrio says:

    I didn’t have similar results as the above replies. I purchased the SW armor epoxy coating as per instructions from SW rep. When we put it down it looked great. Then you start to use the building, it is a low volume automotive shop. The floor jack leaves scratches on the floor. Very disappointed. Called SW then sent their replacement rep to my facility. He stated I was provided the incorrect clear, it will not hold up in this environment. Needless to say they will provide a different clear(water base) which I read doesn’t hold up well in industrial environments. They also said they would give us $300 for a buffer to scuff the floor, that is it. We get to move all the equipment, buff the floor and reapply IMO a lesser product. I mentioned the cost on my end for their error, their response was that all we will do.
    The marks on the floor started showing up approx 3 months after application. This is my experience with SW expoxy coating.

  2. Merle Gilliland says:

    Remodeling a aircraft hangar into a maintenance facility for deicing trucks. The client is requiring an epoxy floor covering in a large portion of this building, approximately 6,000 square feet. The user will be using fork-lifts in this area. What would your recommendation be for the epoxy product and what mil thickness would you recommend?

    Thank you.

    Merle Gilliland Architect

  3. Robert T. Trautwein PE says:

    Is this the best paint product to use on steel columns in a swimming pool area where chlorine pool water is present. We plan to grind away existing rust and apply two coats of SW Armorseal. Please give me your comments or a better recommended product.

    Robert T. Trautwein PE
    503 Washburn Ave
    Louisville, KY 40222
    Cell 502-759-4517
    Office 1-502-339-0246

  4. Doug Parsons says:

    I used this product on a Bobcat location in Virginia Beach. It was a remodel. This is the best product I have ever seen. It was applied over a year ago, and it is still holding up in both shine, and durability. It resist penetration from Hydraulic fluid, and most harsh chemicals. As the author said it should only be applied by a professional.

    • Scott Burt says:

      It really is a bulletproof coating. Glad to hear it is doing so well in such a harsh environment. We have used it in warehouse/distribution center applications with the same results.

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