Growth Gap: No customers = No business

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Where ever you fit into the great supply chain that is the paint industry (raw materials supplier, manufacturer, dealer, rep, contractor), this is a simple equation that sometimes gets lost in the daily grind.

As a surfer of many online trade related forums (painting, carpentry, pressure washing, small business), one of the recurring questions is how to market, how to get your service in front of customers.

Sometimes contractors arent even that picky. They will take any customers. But most would agree that it sure would be nice to find the best ones, the ones who will worship your talents and not question your pricing, pay fast and tell everyone in the real and digital world about you.

What you are asking your business to do is: GROW. Well, you may not want more guys on your crew. Growth doesnt always mean more people. Sometimes it means expansion within markets and accounts that you already have a presence within, but havent explored well enough. It can mean more business, which in turn creates the leverage you need to properly size your service to the demand for it.

Here’s a great read by Phil Phillips that may inspire some thoughts that could help you to bridge the “growth gap”.

Start looking for new markets now. All companies need the flexibility to move quickly into promising markets. Adjacent markets where technologies can match and growth is greater than the incumbent segments. Seek the aid of employee teams for ideas;

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  1. This was a great post – thank you! I enjoyed the linked article, too. It’s so funny to read that “ideal” client because it is wonderful to encounter those clients. I do also believe we must focus on growth and agree that that means so much more than mere expansion.

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