Graco 9.5 hvlp sprayer

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Graco 9.5 HVLP with gravity cup conversion. Video kind of says it all.




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19 Reader Comments

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  1. Jeremy says:

    Thanks for the input. I have another issue maybe you have experienced. I am spraying a latex primer, and an acrylic semi gloss top coat, when we purchased the machine they only supplied the #2,3 and 4 fluid sets. In the users manual it says to use the 5 or 6 set for latex, I called our rep and said to use the artisian valve supplied and I should be find but i’m still not getting the flow I was hoping for. Any suggestions?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Jeremy, we do it routinely with a 1.5 or a 2. We even did it the other day with a 1. It will depend on the product you are using. You may need to reduce viscosity a bit. We use SW Wood & Wall, SW Multi-Purpose, and BM Fresh Start which are all acrylics, with little to no reduction. What are you shooting? Also, straining into the cup helps to remove some of the thicker junk that doesn’t stir in well.

      • Jeremy says:

        using an acrylic Sherman Williams paint…we were told we wouldn’t have to reduce it at all. but with a 1.5 or 2 I got almost no product from the gun. Have strained it with no avail. Maybe we need to reduce it after all. will give that a shot…thanks.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I ran the unit for the first time today…less than 10 min and the hose got extremely hot….have you experienced this?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Yes, the hose does get hot at the connection to the turbine, for the first 2-3 feet. This is normal. Just make sure there are no bends in the hose or any kind of restriction and it will be fine. The air does cool as it travels through the hose to the gun.

  3. Brian says:

    hi scott, what do you think about sw proclassic? i was interested in trying it because i am starting to get a lot of painting work. I am a beginner to fine/finish paint work. I also would like to know your thoughts about a starter hvlp system. thank you very much

    • ProClassic is good paint. What type of work are you getting mostly? A good, bang for your buck, entry level hvlp is the Earlex 5500.

      • Brian says:

        i’m getting a lot of requests to paint residential wood doors and jams. right now i’m in the process of painting a new construction house so, things are looking good for right now. Basically, the customers just want a white semi-gloss sprayed on. We have a spraytech airless rig we are using for doors but, as you know it does waste a lot of paint. Just trying to pick your brain a little bit. Thanks

  4. dan says:

    Why is the hvlp a must have? What is the best thing about it? I was thinking about doing the insides of the cabinets first then masking it off and doing the outsides frames last. I would only do that on the last and final coat. I am kinda worried to thin the BM Advanced, that stuff drips a bunch, have you used it ever, what wb alkyds do you use?

    Last, I cant seem to get a good match on wood filler with maple. Its a light wood and nothing matches it perfectly. Iam trying to fill larger nail holes, no stain just water based clear coats, polycrylic. Wood filler is too yellow. I then tried mixing the clear coat with sawdust of the maple but that ended up too dark. I have to use wood filler, cant use putty, general wants flat finish. Matching with tint seems to take for ever and still having issues but I have no experience with tints. Any recommendations. thanks for getting back to me above.

    • It’s not a must have, it’s more like a probably should have. If you don’t have one, and you are wanting to do really fine work, then you need a more expensive rig like air assisted. Then again, I know alot of guys who do cabinet and trim work with airless and fine finish tips. Myself, I’ve done videos of how to do small cabinet projects with a cordless ProShot. But in the end, if the goal is truly to select exactly the right tool for the task, then a hvlp should be in the mix. I haven’t used Advance much. However, when you get into hvlp you will find that you can thin it, atomize it to right where you need it to be so you can lay it on. As with most spraying, stay horizontal wherever possible. I do like oil modifieds and have used bm, sw and tons of zar ultramax on the clear side. To your filling issue, you have to use color putties. Sometimes you have to overrule the general.

      • Jeremy says:

        I agree, however I’ve found that natural from elmers matches quite well. Also I would like to ask a question about the new hvlp 9.5, My question is, How to you feel it is as a daily use sprayer? Do you think it can hold up? We JUST purchased this machine at the pro show in Cleveland. I noticed it was a contained compressor and entirely plastic. Do you think it will Hold up to everyday consistant use? Thanks For your imput.

        • Scott Burt says:

          Jeremy, it is a tough sprayer. The toolbox style is actually quite rugged, and it is nice that the gun is safely inside during transport. We have slid it into the back of trucks many times and it is durable. As an everyday sprayer for small quantities, it is very suitable across the full range of product viscosities.

      • DanShaf says:

        Do you mean “turbine spray system”? All of my guns are HVLP. I have turbine rigs and also guns that use regular compressed air. But all of them are HVLP, meaning 10psi or less at the cap. Thanks. I’m really enjoying all of your posted material, both videos and essays.

    • Jesse Lara says:

      Dan Ive used graco and titan hvlps to paint cabinets. I like the graco much better. The powercart helps a lot too. Experiment with tip sizes to avoid thinning the material more than 10 %.

  5. dan says:

    I was about to purchase a 9.5, I have never used a hvlp only airless, I get great finishes with my airless but only on areas where I can stop and start off the area Iam spraying because of spit issues. Spitting is pretty much just a way of life for airless sprayers Ive found. The cabinets I am doing has lots of corners and boxes so I figured with an hvlp I would be better off cause of the spitting problems. Is that true, do you get less spit? And how do you like the graco 9.5 especially for a first timer? I was also looking into the titan 6 stage turbine. I spray alot of waterbased/alkyd paints now. What size tip would you recommend for the Ben Moore Advanced paint? Thanks for your advice

    • Thanks for stopping by. First, the spitting on your airless can probably be resolved by getting your gun repacked or getting a new one. The 9.5 hvlp is a great unit. It is very user friendly. For cabinets, hvlp is a great standard. One thing I would recommend is taking the back panels off the boxes if possible. You will get less spit with hvlp, but the downside is you will probably be thinning your paints to find the sweet spot where the hvlp is happy pushing it, this is done by use of a viscosity cup, which usually comes with the unit. If you are into cabinets on any kind of scale, hvlp is a must have. WIth wb alkyds, I’d start with a #4 tip set and go from there. Sometimes you end up moving up or down a tip during the set up phase for a product. The other thing you will find different about hvlp is that you will have both fluid and air control, which help you to adjust to the proper level of flow and atomization. We have several hvlp units, and the 9.5 is at the top of the class.

  6. In this video, we were spraying zar ultramax. This was just initial dial in, we had just unpacked the unit, so we were playing around with settings and flow. The settings in the video segment are heavy. However, with this unit, I find that settings are a bit different from product to product, but in general, with good climate control, the more you can lay it out and let it level slowly, the less likely you are to get orange peel. In other words, if it starts to kick off before it has time to level, you may get orange peel. You may already have thought of all this. What are you spraying through it?

  7. SPRAY-IT says:


    I would like to know what are you spraying with, having trouble with graco 9.5 orange peel fisnish…cant figure out what the problem is.

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