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“Fickle markets, lowball painters and rising material costs further complicate
our field. Talk about a perfect storm for paint contractors. What better time to re-evaluate the product and service we deliver? The knee-jerk reaction to this market condition is to use cheaper materials and lower labor prices to stay competitive and busy. The more methodical approach is to focus on adding value to your business by marketing services that are relevant to consumers now and presenting them in away that encourages the customer to make informed decisions.”

**READ the FULL ARTICLE** as it appeared in my column in American Painting Contractor magazine in 2009. It includes tips from paint contractors that still apply in 2012. Please leave a comment, it might help other contractors.

Scott Burt

Scott Burt is a contractor and freelance writer whose column "From the Field" has appeared in American Painting Contractor magazine ( since 2008. His writing and projects also appear in other print and digital venues. This site is an extension of Scott's publication work, and he encourages readers to leave comments and questions about articles published here. Hope to hear from you!

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  1. Chris Haught says:

    Wow, great piece! Brings back some memories, those decorative finishes I spoke of then have been a great addition to our portfolio!Since then we offered other services that have worked well. Thanks for bringing this up!

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