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If you have been following TCR for very long, you have probably noticed a constant focus on spraying at lower pressures. The new series of Graco RAC X Fine Finish Low Pressure tips are a compelling and EASY step in that direction.

fine finish low pressure

What to look for…

Controlling airborne mist and overspray does two things for us. First, it makes the working environment safer – we are less likely to wear and breathe the material we are spraying. Second, there is less contamination settling into finishes as they dry.

HOW you get there is a function of more variables. Flaws in technique cause overspray, no matter how good the machine is…it is only as efficient as the operator.

Product and pressure also come into play, regardless of whether you are spraying airless, air assisted or HVLP. In the end, you need a good, clean finish.

Running too high with fluid pressure is the most common mistake we see when training painters. Crank it up and go fast. When more fluid is pumped and atomized, you have to move faster. This can create mistakes that cause overspray and contamination.

Slow Down to Go Faster

Fine Finish Low Pressure tips (or FF LP) are engineered to allow us to work with our pumps set at lower pressures. Using airless, it is expected that you will be able to cut pressure in as much as half using a low pressure tip. With air assisted, we have already consistently observed 25-30% reduction in fluid pressures with medium viscosity latexes.

fine finish low pressure tips

Fine Finish Low Pressure tips in production

One big benefit is that lower pressures are easier on your pump. If your machine is working at lower pressure, it is not working as hard. Material usage will be reduced because of better transfer efficiency. The fine finish low pressure tips should also last longer than a regular tip.

Your production rates will not change, you won’t go slower. You can still choose the same size orifice for the product you are going to spray, you will be able to do it cleaner and just as fast – the only difference will be that you are doing it at a lower pressure. This is an easy move toward efficiency in spraying.

To learn more about RAC X Fine Finish Low Pressure tips, visit Graco’s site.

fine finish low pressure

Have you tried them yet? Share your thoughts below…


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21 Reader Comments

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  1. website says:

    Very wonderful visual appeal on this web site, I’d
    value it 10.

  2. Jason says:

    I’m having trouble getting the same results using FFLP and Advance as FF at normal pressure. The tips seem to spray a much heavier droplet, so the line between wet, dry or too heavy is tough to hold. I’ve been using Advance since it first came out with FF 310 and getting superb results. I’ve moved tip sizes and pressure settings all over and still getting the same thing: slow to apply, the coat starts out with a fairly heavy texture and doesn’t always lay out as I would like, almost like a maladjusted HVLP with too much material and too little air. Any advice?

    • Artie says:

      I have been using these tips for a couple of jobs now , I’m getting good enough results for builders I’m working for, but yes the droplet size is larger ,I think anything with lower pressure is going to give you lager droplet size, next job I’m going try the Wagner hea tips for walls so atomisation wouldn’t matter as much, I try the fflp 518 on some walls did not like it, it seems like a more of a elliptical spray pattern, heavier in the centre . Hope this might help

      • Jason says:

        Thanks. Funny you mention the 518, I felt I was getting a better finish spraying flat in closets with a 517 LTX. I’m using a 308 FFLP at a little less than half pressure, changed the overlap slightly, and getting the smooth finish we’re used to with advance; but it takes about 3 times as long. Running a 12 gave okay (not great) results and faster, but too close to the limit of advance when a wet coat was achieved. I do like how clean they are but the performance is disappointing and I don’t like the idea of tripling exposure time on a large shoot. I’m interested to know if Scott is using them with an AAA system , and how that performs.

  3. Kenneth Lane Finishes says:

    We just sprayed 10 interior doors using S.W. EMERALD URETHANE water base. These doors were painted Graphite almost black semi gloss.
    We started out with a Titan 311 on the backs of closet bipass doors. Then switched to the Graco FFLP310. WOW!
    I’ve been a journeyman for 40 years and can tell you that this tip is incredible

  4. kevin scarff says:

    Hi, ive just got my fist sprayer graco595. My problem is i cant seem to get the fftips to work-no paint comes out, ive tried with fflp-310,312. So then i have to put my blue 517 tip back in ,also the blue tip was already in the tip guard. i would be gateful if you could shine some light on this.Yours sincerley kevin

  5. Artie says:

    Yes I’ve used the 210 spraying acrylic undercoat at 1000 psi
    I love these tips, I can’t wait until the make them for button tips

  6. I have to spray wrought fire escape. Would those RAX X Fine Finish tips work well with my Nova 395 sprayer with little overspray?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Yes, should work like a better version of fine finish tips you may have used in the past. Many users in our online facebook group are reporting very good results with the low pressure tips, and seeing a real reduction in overspray.

  7. Timothy Chastain , Chastain painting and wall covering says:

    i also just recently purchased a 310 and a 412 cant wait to spray some doors and trim with them normally spray my doors with a 413 and works well .

  8. Robert Eygenraam says:

    I have them on order! A 110, 210 and 310. Will let you know.
    Titan also came out with a more efficient tip though I don’t have much Titan equipment. Any news on them and/or comparisons?

    • Scott Burt says:

      Hi Robert, good for you! Definitely let us know how they work for you. We have heard as well that Titan has something similar in the works but have not seen them. Our only comparisons so far are FFLP and FF, in the reversible world at least.

  9. Patrick says:

    So what is really the difference between these and the normal ff tips? I’m guessing even lower pressure then you would use for the normal ff tips?

  10. Scott, these fine finish low-pressure tips are great news! I can’t wait to try them with our Graco 395 air assisted airless. We’ve got five separate sets of cabinets with doors in a home that we are doing right now! I sure hope I can get a handful of these tips by tomorrow or Tuesday, LOL! Thanks for sharing keep up the great work!

  11. Dave says:

    Got some to try out on my Wagner. Need to get a RAC X Tip Guard first though.

  12. Timothy says:

    Hey Scott.
    Thanks. Gonna try them out

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