A Few Who Moved and Shook in 2014!

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In 2014, some paint contractors moved. Others shook. Many did both.

Here’s a six-pack of paint movers and shakers from 2014, in no particular order.

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Steve Burnett / Burnett Marketing

Steve Burnett paired the release of his new book "How to Double Your Business without Making a Sale" with the launch of a new business: Burnett Marketing. We don't think simply starting a second company was his idea of doubling his business. Handing off the operations of Burnett Painting (Venice, Florida) to his highly capable wife/partner, April Burnett, Steve got busy producing a free interactive Youtube program called "Ask Steve B", wherein contractors of all stripes can seek his advice on business and marketing challenges. Steve makes complex business issues practical, and does it with his own flair. On days when you think the paint industry is tanking out, check out Steve...

Heidi Nyline / Warline Painting

We first met Heidi in Vegas a few years ago at the PDCA National Convention. Heidi could best be described as a wolf in sheeps clothing. She has been fun to watch in 2014, relentlessly pursuing a more excellent version of excellence for clients of Warline Painting, which she owns and operates with her husband, Warren. In 2014, Heidi popularized the hash tag #betterpainters, showing how Warline delivers beyond their already exceptional promises. The professional writing, videos and photos that flow out of the Warline marketing department are undeniable. And yet, if you ask Heidi, the business is not even close to where she wants it yet. #onetowatch.

Gabe Ewing / Ewing Painting

Gabe Ewing operates Ewing Painting of Beaumont, CA. Back in March, Gabe and EPI made a prime time splash by painting a Tootie's Texas Barbecue on the hit TV series Restaurant Impossible. EPI is what we consider a "right sized" company that is nimble, diverse and properly equipped to take on most any type of project at a high level. Keep an eye on Gabe and EPI in 2015, they are an emerging company.

Mike Pope / Vancouver House Painting

Mike Pope had a busy 2014...putting a new, beefier chassis under his long standing business with a full on rebrand and relaunch. Mike pretty much single handedly defied what most solo operators half his age dare to take on in the discipline of exterior painting. The best example was when Mike put waterbased product on a commercial facility called Oil Can Henry's. If that wasn't distinct enough, in his spare time, he started a highly popular private discussion group for paint contractors on Facebook - not an easy task, getting painters to co-exist civilly in social media settings.

Brian Havanas / Jack Pauhl Maximum Painting

Constantly pushing (or completely crumpling and redesigning) the envelope - Jack Pauhl creator Brian Havanas released his vision of 6 minute mastery of interior room painting as seen through the GoPro eye. Not one to waste time, the video comes in under 6 minutes. Brian also produced a series of guides intended to help painters better understand how to use products effectively, and he tirelessly puts out content for painters of all levels on the internet. Tune in for 2015 to find out if Brian refines his systems to the point where rooms can be painted in zero minutes! We have said many times that if there were Olympic games for painters, Brian would be on TeamUSA.

John Shearer / Shearer Painting

John Shearer is a business machine...running one of the best built and operated paint companies we have seen, and doing so in a ginormous Seattle market. John frequently shares well produced footage from the internal operations of his business. We have not seen anyone else put out actual footage of their staff meetings - that are a good watch. Oh, and it appears that the same hipster guy who pens the wonderfulcolors.org blog could probably also split a cinder block. A true Renaissance businessman, John and his operation inspire many top contractors to raise their own bar.

Which paint contractors did you enjoy following in 2014?

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8 Reader Comments

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  1. I had a chance to exchange ideas and communicate with most of these contractors through social media and discussion boards, I have to agree:
    There are some good choices here Scott!

  2. Gabe Ewing says:

    Wow, wasn’t expecting this one. Thank you for recognizing us at epi, the guys will love to hear about this.

  3. It’s great to see others striving to take the painting industry to higher level then what most are accustomed to.With the networking that the internet allows I have found it refreshing to interact with like minded individuals.
    Our industry is one that is usually looked at by many as a trade that anyone could do with little experience and, lets be honest,the caliber of what many are use to having to hire isn’t saying much.
    With team work,pride in every project, and integrity we have been able to dominate the Tampa Bay residential painting market and demonstrate to home owners that there are more professional painting contractors available now then ever before.
    I would like to say,Thank You, to all who better our industry

    • Scott Burt says:

      Aaron, your company – Integrity Finishes of Tampa Bay – is another that could and should easily be on this list. You have been a great example to watch of an owner operator putting down the brush and building a great company.

  4. Chris Haught says:

    Great choices Scott! They all have a staked out a nice corner of social media and freely share their work/best practices with others.
    Happy Holidays!

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