Sherwin Williams ArmorSeal Epoxy Coating

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Just over a year ago, my paint contracting company prepped and finished a 4500 sf concrete floor in a warehouse for a bread distribution company. Recently, at the one year mark, I went back to inspect the floor to see how it was holding up to fork lift, hand trucks, foot traffic and the hundreds of pallets that get slid around on it daily.

I wish I had more thumbs to give thumbs up to the ArmorSeal epoxy coating we used. The floor had a base coat of gray, yellow grids with stenciled letters for shipping/receiving locations, and a white perimeter safety band. I could not be more impressed with how this floor is holding up to the industrial traffic it is exposed to daily.

ArmourSeal is a hardcore coating that I would not recommend for use by do it yourselfers. There are other suitable products for residential concrete coatings, but for contractors who need to know that the product is as badass as can be, this is a good one. As always, prep is the key, proper mixing, follow the spec sheet for sweat ins and pot life, and without a doubt, wear respirators!

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  1. Kristen says:

    Most epoxy resins have protective qualities such as water resistance and scratch resistance. However, there are certain features of epoxy resins which make them particularly practical for bar tops.

  2. Bob Hall says:

    I’m looking to apply an epoxy finish to my 2 car garage concrete floor which is 21 years old. I’ve been researching products to use, i.e. Shield-Crete or ArmorSeal. Based on my research it would appear that a 100% Solids Epoxy is much better than a water based Epoxy such as the Shield-Crete as far as durability etc. What would you recommend as far as a product is concerned. I do understand that the preparation for either product being used is critical. Any advice would be appreciated.

  3. Doug Parsons says:

    I used this product on a Bobcat location in Virginia Beach. It was a remodel. This is the best product I have ever seen. It was applied over a year ago, and it is still holding up in both shine, and durability. It resist penetration from Hydraulic fluid, and most harsh chemicals. As the author said it should only be applied by a professional.

    • Scott Burt says:

      It really is a bulletproof coating. Glad to hear it is doing so well in such a harsh environment. We have used it in warehouse/distribution center applications with the same results.

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